Eldon Primary School

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Saturday School Trip to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Theatre Show

Here are the photos from the Saturday School trip to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children thought the show was amazing and enjoyed eating the Wonka chocolate bar that was bought for each of them.

Impeccable Behaviour!

Dear Sir or Madam

I hope this email sees you well. I would just like to say how well behaved and polite the pupils at your school are.

I finished work this evening and jumped on the train at Leicester Square tube station. To be honest I saw the school kids and thought "great another loud bunch" however I was wrong. The children were polite on the train and laughing with each other and the teacher Mr Pervis was doing a great job.

I think all the teachers at your school deserve a well done.

Kindest regards



Dear Headteacher

Today I was fortunate enough to meet some of your pupils on the underground, on their way back from the theatre after seeing a performance of Charlie and the chocolate factory. They were well behaved and very polite. I had a lovely chat with a Year 5 boy, (who may I add had offered his seat to "Sir") about the show.

As a teacher myself it was a delight to see the children, who though excited about the trip, were still well mannered and well behaved. Made my journey home from university today a pleasurable and happy one.

The ten children on my carriage were a credit to your school.

Yours faithfully