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  • On Tuesday October 2nd 2018, Marsida wrote:

 Hi, I'm Marsida. I'm in year 5 with Ms. Johl. Just to say Mr. Hodges was the best teacher ever! He was very good with timing, rest and all. He should get a raise! Right now for 2 years, I was part the deputy prime minister. It was great fun guys! Helping Ms. Evans with the Easter was a blast along with helping other people in my class. I hope you all love your new classes and teachers. 

  • On Friday the May 4 2018, Rodo wrote:

Just to say I'm in year 4 but I got the best teachers in the world Mr Innis Mrs Mehmet and Miss Taylor I'm gonna miss them all I still have 2 months with them well time flies awell now Rodo out  

 I'm gonna miss all my teacher's :( my life is doomed but I'm still in year 4 )



  • On Friday, April 28 2017, Ariana wrote: 

Did you know, Eldon Primary School is said to be the second best and highest rated school in Enfield?!


  • On Saturday, April 15 2017, Gary wrote: 

I left Eldon junior school nearly 18 years ago! Looking through the website I can see that so much has changed and that there are still some familiar faces there.

Ms Foster and miss Hussein...two of the most memorable people/teachers I have met. Set me up for where I am today and for that I thank you!

Also some fond memories such as the school plays, the 10 minute walk to get lunch and playing hockey with tennis bats and wet foam balls! Those were the days!

Good to see that the school is still going strong!

Gary W


  • On Monday, December 12 2016, Naz wrote: 

I love Eldon and I'm still in Eldon I'm in Year 4 and I love Ms Scully, Mrs Wells, Miss Sparks, Mrs Scott also these are some so I love all the teachers in Eldon. I will be a teacher at Eldon because I love Eldon.


  • On Monday, December 12 2016, Luxy wrote: 

The website is perfect I hope that every body likes it as well


  • On Tuesday, November 22 2016, Varish wrote: 

I miss this school so much. To think about it all the memories just come flooding back at me. I just want to thank everyone for making me have the most amazing time ever at this school. Good luck to all students at this school.


  • On Monday, October 24 2016, Ariana wrote: 

Hi I am Ariana . And I love ELDON!!!! This is just a message to say hi to  Ms Messer, Miss Williams, Mrs Bathija and many more other teachers in Eldon. I miss Mrs Mitchell because she was my Reception teacher and she is one of the kindest teachers I've ever met in my life!!! 


  • On Tuesday, September 27 2016, Alfie wrote: 

Wow, this sure is strange!

I was a student at Eldon, what seems like many many moons ago. It was back when the two schools were split. I'm nearly 18 now so left when I was 10/11? My Year 5 teacher was Miss Hussein and Year 6 was Miss Foster and Mrs Volschenk. So now we're going back a while. My Set 1 English Teacher was Mrs Scott and these three teachers honestly helped me out so much. Mrs Scott - I used all the skills you taught me in English which extended in Secondary school to achieve a B in my GCSEs so thank you for that! Miss Hussein and Miss Foster - I continued to carry on take on any advice you both gave me in order to succeed and carry on doing what I did.

My advice to current pupils; work hard, revise, smile and make it last because it will soon fly by and everything will change 😭


  • On Thursday, July 21 2016, Jovana wrote: 

Today was the last day of Eldon for all of the Year Sixes and it was a very sad day for me, I will always remember Eldon.

I will miss all the amazing teachers I will name a few of them; Mr Symister, Mrs Scott, Mrs Cottle, Miss Sparks, Mr Remy, Mr Coles, Mrs Ali, Ms Messer, Miss Williams, Mr Logan, Miss Thompson, Miss Foster, Miss Scully, Miss Koumbas, Miss Cook and Mr Beckford.


  • On Tuesday, June 14 2016, Gaby wrote: 

The children were very polite and exceptionally behaved.


  • On Tuesday, June 14 2016, Susan wrote: 

The children were lovely - interested, polite and responsive! A delight to work with.


  • On Monday, June 13 2016, Brianna wrote: 

I want to go to this school because my friends are there and my cousin too.


  • On Thursday, December 10 2015, David wrote: 

I love Eldon because it has breakfast club!!!


  • On Thursday, December 3 2015, Rosine wrote: 

I love Eldon. It is the best school ever!


  • On Thursday, December 3 2015, Tayla wrote: 

I love this school. I love all the teachers, if I leave I hope everyone does good.


  • On Thursday, September 24 2015, Jahnaya wrote: 

I love this school and if I leave I hope I can visit every single person in the school. But just to let you know that if I do leave I'm sure that I could see you again soon. I LOVE SCHOOOOOOOOOL! β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘•πŸ‘–πŸ‘”πŸ‘Ÿ


  • On Tuesday, July 28 2015, Mahmoud wrote:

​Well, I've been at Eldon for 6 years and I will miss everyone. From Reception to Year 6.


  • On Friday, July 24 2015, Jacquelyne wrote:

I'm going to miss Eldon of its wonderful features and teachers it will all be in my memories I love Eldon remember me.


  • On Friday, July 24 2015, Querene wrote:

Well, the time has arrived the last day bell I will hear from Eldon. I will remember Eldon and all the wonderful teachers and students their. I wish year 5 the best of luck when they go to year 6.


  • On Friday, July 24 2015, Fariha wrote:

I'm really going to miss Eldon! 


  • On Thursday, April 30 2015, Marzeana wrote:

I am very glad that my son Alex joined Rainbow class, since then his behaviour has got better and he is better with his reading too.


  • On Friday, April 24 2015, Nimco wrote:

I am very happy with the progress both my children are making in Rainbow class. At home they are more social with my other children.


  • On Thursday, April 16 2015, Claudine wrote:

I am very pleased with Rainbow Class. I have seen a big improvement in Michaela's behaviour and in her learning. Michaela is listening more at home and I am very grateful.

Many thanks



  • On Wednesday, April 15 2015, Ariana wrote:

I LOVE SCHOOL but I am going to miss it when I leave and I am only YEAR 2 so I have plenty of time! If I move house I can't stay. If I can visit then I will.


  • On Sunday, March 29 2015, Thana wrote:

Dear headteacher,

I am really going to miss this school so much and I will miss my teacher and my teaching assistant and my other teaching assistant as well. Also Eldon Junior school means so much to me . Another thing when I will leave I just want to say Eldon junior school means so much to me then anyone in the world before.


  • On Friday, March 6 2015, Zergul wrote:

I miss Eldon so much hopefully I can come soon .. and see all my teachers but hopefully they will remember me<3


  • On Wednesday, January 28 2015, Adam wrote:

Dear Sir or Madam

I hope this email sees you well. I would just like to say how well behaved and polite the pupils at your school are.

I finished work this evening and jumped on the train at Leicester Square tube station. To be honest I saw the school kids and thought "great another loud bunch" however I was wrong. The children were polite on the train and laughing with each other and the teacher Mr Pervis was doing a great job.

I think all the teachers at your school deserve a well done.

Kindest regards



  • On Wednesday, January 28 2015, Keri wrote:

Dear Headteacher

Today I was fortunate enough to meet some of your pupils on the underground, on their way back from the theatre after seeing a performance of Charlie and the chocolate factory. They were well behaved and very polite. I had a lovely chat with a Year 5 boy, (who may I add had offered his seat to "Sir") about the show.

As a teacher myself it was a delight to see the children, who though excited about the trip, were still well mannered and well behaved. Made my journey home from university today a pleasurable and happy one.

The ten children on my carriage were a credit to your school.

Yours faithfully



  • On Wednesday, January 21 2015, Querene wrote:

Eldon is the best school I've ever been to, I am so not looking forward to the summer holidays and leave all my teachers and friends to go to Secondary School!


  • On Sunday, January 18 2015, Ella wrote:

I miss Eldon Junior school I miss my friends techer aswell and I hope they miss me as well. I LOVE THE ELDON JUNIOR SCHOOL SO MUCH!


  • On Wednesday, January 14 2015, Rosine wrote:

I love school but sometimes get annoyed. Eldon is a great school!!!


  • On Tuesday, January 13 2015, Tyesha wrote:

I really love school and I'm not looking forward to half term. I love SCHOOL


  • On Friday, July 25 2014, Naz wrote:

Gonna miss Eldon,so sad to be leaving :(
  • On Wednesday, July 23 2014, Ayub wrote:

Last day bell has rung! Goodbye Eldon!
  • On Tuesday, July 22 2014, Zaynah wrote:

Last day of Year 6. Gonna miss everyone!! So sad but so happy. I'm so crazy...