Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Headteacher's Welcome

Headteacher's Welcome

Eldon is a large, vibrant primary school in Edmonton, North London. We are very proud of our cultural and linguistic diversity. Our pupils and staff bring a wealth of experiences and languages to our community from all around the world.

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Daily Updates

Many of you will have seen that there have been recent reports in the media that there may be an imminent ‘local lockdown’ in Enfield. Please be assured that this is not the case and that we have no data to indicate that this might happen.-Tony Theodoulou Executive Director Enfield Council-

  • Nursery 95.59
  • Reception 92.38
  • Year 1 94.69
  • Year 2 95.84
Whole School 0
  • Year 3 94.51
  • Year 4 95.63
  • Year 5 95.78
  • Year 6 95.65

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