Eldon Primary School

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Armistice Day

To all those, who lost their lives

Thank you for you courage,

Thank you for your strength,

Thank you for you bravery,

even though we have never met.


Here on this special day, I wear this poppy for you,

A simple reminder and message that we shall never (ever) forget you!

By Year 6

Thank you for giving your lives for our freedom.  I really appreciate what you did, to try and save our world from wars and try to bring peace and love all over the world.  I think you saved our lives and created a better future.

Ahmet – Edinburgh class



I’d like to thank you for your bravery when protecting us and letting us be free in this country.  I hope your spirit carries on.

Breshna – Edinburgh class



Dear soldiers,

We thank you with all our hearts for your courageous bravery.  You fought for our freedom and we are truly grateful.  Now you are in a better place – Heaven.

Tadesse – Edinburgh class



I am really grateful that you risked your lives just to save ours.  Thank you for giving your life away, I am really sorry that you never had a choice.

Alisha – Edinburgh class



Dear Soldier,

Thank you for all the things you’ve done for us, we wouldn’t have been here without you! You gave up your life just for us, I’m just so thankful I can’t explain.  We will remember you every single minute of our lives.  Thank you.

Natassia – Edinburgh class.



I’ll be brave like the soldiers who fought for me,

And wear a little poppy as red as red can be,

They fought to save Britain’s lives,

We grow them poppies and make them shrines.

Thank you, rest in peace.

Jamie-Lee  Edinburgh class



We will always remember those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and democracy.

May the soldiers rest in peace.

From Zaara and Nahima – London Class



Thank you for your bravery to get us freedom, we are truly grateful for all your strength that you never gave up for our freedom. Thank you for all you courage we’ll never forget the things you done for us. On this special day we are wearing poppies to represent the soldiers in World War 1 and World War 2, this day called Remembrance Day we are all celebrating the soldiers that had died. This clear simple message that we should never (ever) forget you. Our freedom their sacrifice, they have sacrificed their own lives to save us and for our freedom.

By Kemal – London Class



Dear soldier,

Thank you for your courage, you fought for us and we are grateful for that and we would always will. We would remember you by wearing the poppy that grow on the field witch you fought on. We are now free.

Let the soldiers rest in peace,

Thank you

From Hakan – London Class



Dear solider

Thank you for your courage, your strength and your bravery,

You have made this country a better place to live in,

Even though we have never met, I shall never forget you,

May the soldiers rest in peace!

From Nicole – London Class



To all those who sacrificed for our life

Thank you for protecting us! thank you fighting for us , we are grateful for all you have done, we thank you for your bravery, we will always remember you even if we have not met you, we wear this poppy to show how much we love ,respect and care for you !!!

From Savera – London Class