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Meals at Eldon

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Why choose a school lunch?

We are very proud of the food we serve here in the London Borough of Enfield. Here are just a few of the reasons why a school lunch is the best option for your child:-

• Our menu is designed to supply a third of a child's daily nutrient requirement.

• We have regular promotional events and theme days to fit in with popular occasions and the National Curriculum. This helps make lunchtimes fun for pupils.

• A school lunch is a quality alternative to a packed lunch and actually works out cheaper if you count up all the items taken from your store cupboard.

• A cashless payment system is operating throughout most of the borough.

• All our school meals are freshly cooked by our qualified staff.

• Pupils have access to fresh fruit, vegetables, salad and water daily.

• The food we serve is locally sourced and we offer seasonal produce.

• We offer culturally diverse menus that meet the needs of individual schools.

• Our menus are designed to encourage pupils to try new dishes.

We involve pupils in setting menus

To ensure pupils are satisfied with the quality and taste of our school meals we are committed to completing customer consultations and surveys at all levels. Several of our school pupil councils sample new recipes and give opinions on our services.

We use locally sourced products where possible

Enfield Catering has joined the ‘food for life' Catering Mark and is in the process of achieving the bronze award. It shows our commitment to the use of locally grown produce and the quality of the ingredients which we purchase. We also try to ensure much of the produce we use is seasonal, as well as locally sourced. Examples of locally sourced produce include salad items, onions and potatoes that are sourced from the Lea Valley.



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Lunch Menus

It's important for children to eat a healthy and balanced diet to improve their concentration and give them lots of energy. We spend a lot of time working on our menus to create healthy and nutritious dishes that pupils will love.

Our menus change twice a year and we attempt to make some seasonal changes. We can also provide for specialist ethnic and therapeutic diets. If this is something you require please speak to your child's school who can then liaise with us.

We see a school lunch as an integral part of the whole school day. Sitting around a table to eat and hold a conversation is part of social education.

Our school meals are freshly cooked daily by our qualified and trained staff. The majority of schools in Enfield have their own kitchens.

All of our menu and recipes are developed in consultation with stakeholders and customers and exceed the requirements of the Government's nutritional standards. We have our own nutritional advisor who analyses all the menus before we serve them in schools.



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Free School Meals

From September 2014 all pupils in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 will be able to receive a free school meal. School meals in Enfield are healthy, tasty, social and fun. Choosing a school lunch for your child/children will help save you approximtely £400 per year if you take up the offer.

It is still really important that you register your child for free School meals if you child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 - to ensure the school receives extra funding for your child's education (Pupil Premium). It is still necessary to register your child for this even if you do not want your child to receive a free meal.

Please ask the school office, or call Pupil Benefits on 020 8379 5367 if you haven't completed the form.


For children in Years 3 to 6 to be entitled to free school meals you must be getting at least one of the following:

• Income Support

• Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance

• Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

• Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

• The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit

• Child Tax Credit, provided you are not claiming Working Tax Credit and have an annual income (as assessed by HM Revenue & Customs) that does not exceed £16,190

• Receiving Working Tax Credit ‘run-on'.

To find out if your child/children are eligible for a free school meal, and hoe to apply enquire at your school's office or phone the Enfield Council Pupil Benefits Helpline on: 020 8379 5367


Cashless payment

Enfield's Education Catering Service has worked in partnership with Nationwide Retail Systems and ParentPay to introduce a cashless school meals system for Enfield Schools. The system allows parents to pay for school meals via the Internet or at various PayPoints spread throughout the Borough.

Parents do not need to send money into school for their children's school meals and worry about the issues that can arise when money is lost on the way to school or is not received by the school office.

As the children collect their meal in the school dining hall or cafeteria, the catering staff identify the children by their photo for younger children or biometric print for older children. The ParentPay account is then debited with the cost.

One of the main benefits of our cashless solution is that all children can purchase their school meal in the same way, including those children eligible for free school meals. For those children eligible for a free school meal, the ParentPay account us automatically credited each day.


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Packed Lunches

A balanced packed lunch should contain:


  • Starchy foods. These are bread, rice, potatoes and pasta, and others.
  • Protein foods. These are meat, fish, eggs, beans and others.
  • A dairy item. This could be cheese or yoghurt.
  • Vegetables or salad, and a portion of fruit.


Starchy foods are a good source of energy, and should make up a third of the lunchbox. But don’t let things get boring. Instead of sandwiches give kids bagels, pitta bread, wraps and baguettes. Use brown, wholemeal or seeded bread, not white bread.

Get ideas for healthy starchy foods.


Children often like food they can eat with their fingers, so chop up raw veggies such as carrots or peppers, and give them houmous or cottage cheese to dip the veggies in. Breadsticks and wholemeal crackers are great finger foods and they can be spread with low-fat soft cheese or eaten with reduced-fat cheddar and pickles.

Replace chocolate bars and cakes with fresh fruit, dried fruit.

Vary the fruit each day and get them to try new things, like kiwi or melon.

Unsalted nuts are a great snack food for children to have at home, but it's best to leave them out of your child's packed lunch. Many schools ban nuts to protect pupils with a nut allergy.


Here are more ideas for healthy food swaps.


You could also make up a tasty fruit salad. Be inventive and encourage your children when they try something new.



Lunchbox ideas

There are more ideas for healthy packed lunches from the Children's Food Trust



*Information taken from NHS Choices






Healthy Habits, Healthy You!

“You are what you eat!” The sorts of foods you eat in a day actually become a part of your body. So, if you choose the right sorts of foods, you’ve got a much better chance of staying healthy. Visit the Nestle Healthy Active Kids website for more information.