Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Year 6

Junior Citizens

On Wednesday 17th June and Monday 22nd June Year 6 visited the Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town to participate in the Junior Citizens course.

There were six activities:

  1. Keeping safe when going to secondary school.
  2. On the underground.
  3. Road accidents and how to stay safe.
  4. On the buses.
  5. Safety in the home - how to help if somebody has a serious bleed.
  6. Knife crime.

The children will be completing leaflets that can be read by younger children so that this important information can be passed on.

The Egg

On Monday 13th April an unusual egg was discovered on the school field...

Witness Statements

I thought I saw something moving in the shadows but at 5 o'clock all the lights go off so it was very dark. I heard something moving and then a huge dark shape seemed to fly up in the air and go behind the Secondary Unit. I don't know what it was but it was very, very quick and very,very big!

Mr Reed


You can't see anything at that time in the morning because all the lights go out - they're on timers you see... I did hear something though. It was in the bushes near the Secondary Unit then there was this rustling sound and I think I saw something moving about - but I can't be sure.

Mr Gold


I didn't see anything - I can see most of the field from our flat window but I didn't see anything last night!

It's a huge egg....whatever laid it must be enormous!

Mrs Thomas


What should happen to the egg ?

Since finding the egg on the school field a week ago, the pupils and teachers at Eldon Junior School have been faced with many decisions about the fate of this incredible object. There are several options open to us: keeping the egg or selling it are just two. To whom should we sell it? Should we wait until it hatches before we decide? Let us consider all of our options and some of the arguments for and against each one.



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Myron in 6PH has shared three of his raps with us:



Be kind it's free.


Sometimes let your manners be

and let your heart be clean.


Fill yourself with enlightenment

and love too.

Fill yourself with excitement

don't be blue.


Manners are amazing.


So share them with each other.

Have great and use them as a lover.

Use great manners and show them to others.



It's fun.

It's the best.

It's called respect.


It's when having a warm feeling in your chest.

It's more not less to show manners to each other.

Cover yourself with respect

and show them to others.


Making People Feel Better

You're amazing just how you are.


Doesn't matter how you live or look a super star.

Don't have to drive nice cars to make it up in my charts.

To me you're amazing.

and that's who you are.