Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Year 6

Our year 6 teachers this year are:

Edinburgh Class: Miss Koumbas & Mrs Wells

Cardiff Class: Ms Wilson

Belfast Cass: Mr Innes

London Class: Miss Habibullah

Dublin Class: Miss Poole

Autumn 1

Welcome back to all the year 6 pupils and their grown ups. We are very excited to be back at school and are really looking forward to this year. 

In Autumn 1, we will be exploring the magical world of Harry Potter in our English and reading lessons. We will also be continuing your work on the Anglo - Saxons and the Vikings in history while we develop our map reading skills in Geography. In maths, we will be going over place value and the four operations. This half term, we will have an art day where you will prepare for Autumn 2 by learning all about Islamic art and repeating patterns


After half term, our class book will be Wonder - it is the story of a boy named Auggie who is born with Treacher Collins Syndrome. We will have lots of discussions about what makes us special and we will use this book to help us with our learning in English and reading. As we continue our learning in maths, we will look at fractions. In history, we will begin learning about the Early Islamic Civilisation and how the religion spread all around the world. In geography, we will develop our knowledge of tectonic plates from when you learnt about volcanoes and explore what happens when an earthquake occurs and finally for our DT day, in the second half term, we will be sampling, designing and baking our own bread.


As always we expect you to be learning your spelling and practicing your times tables weekly  and reading and filling in your reading records every night.


We are looking forward to a busy but exciting first term back at school.

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