Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Year 6

The Year Six Teachers are:


Assistant Head & Upper KS2 Phase Leader: Mr Beckford


The Year 6 classes are named after capital cities from the UK


Year Leader & Edinburgh Class: Ms Scully

Belfast Class: Ms Powell & Mrs Ali

Cardiff Class: Ms Wilson

Dublin Class: Miss Poole

London Class: Miss Habibullah



The Year 6 teachers have been really excited to start this year’s journey with the children. So far, we have had an excellent start and children have settled into their new classrooms well.


This year is all about supporting your children in their final primary school year. We aim to support and develop their wellbeing as well as their learning. Children are encouraged to become more independent and take responsibility for their learning and personal needs as they begin to transition to secondary school. We encourage all Eldon school members to demonstrate respect for ourselves, others and the environment around us.


Please check our Year 6 area on the website and Google Classroom for regular updates on what your children are up to. If you have any questions about the learning taking place this half term, please speak to your child’s class teacher.


Thank you

The Year 6 Team


Summer 1


Year 6 have had a very busy term. The children have been putting in a lot of effort into their learning especially Maths and their Writing,

In English this term, they have written about The Piano and the animation Alma - we have some future writers amongst us! They have also been working on the subjunctive form for formal and informal writing. This has supported their Alma writing.


During Maths, they have learnt about angles, shapes, algebra and ratio. Some students have also been working on perimeter, area and converting units of amounts.

Year 6 children have worked extremely hard throughout the year and this came to show during SATs week.

Breakfast in the morning was a success and it really calmed and got the children in the right mind set for the days.

All the year 6 teachers are extremely proud of the children for their determination and effort throughout the year but especially during SATs week. We could not be any prouder! 


A special thank you to Rayann, Sophia and Alexandra for helping with writing this newsletter.  

Everyone in year 6 is looking forward to a well-deserved break!

Spring 2 


English - This half term, year 6 have produced some great writing based on the animation 'The Piano'. They've been getting in touch with their emotions by writing a narrative about the journey of life and an informal letter exploring the man's experience at war.

The children were very engaged in the recent alien invasion at Eldon, they used previous learning to produce a newspaper report about the events.

Maths - We have been learning about Fractions, Decimals and Percentage. They have continued to get ready for their upcoming exams in May. We ask that parents support their children during the Easter break by ensuring they are continuing to practise their Maths skills alongside their reading comprehension skills.

This half term, the children have worked hard and we would like to remind them to continue this during the Easter break as we'll only have two and half weeks before their SATs. Remember - IT HAS TO BE DONE!


Have a lovely Easter break.   The Year 6 team.

Year 6 were inspired by Picasso's huge art work, Guernica.  6 Belfast each took a small piece to work on and then put them all together to make their own collage.

Spring 1


Year 6 have had a busy Spring term. We started off with a bang by going to Millfield Theatre and watching Fairytale High - it was something that year 6 really enjoyed especially as it was their first trip in nearly 2 years! We were proud of their behaviour and they were great representatives of our school and our Respect values. 

We've had great fun in English looking at the book Holes. The children were particularly inspired in their writing by the Holes press conference that was held in the dinner centre - we had a few surprise visitors. The children have produced some excellent newspaper articles as a result of this. Continuing their creativity, they also had the opportunity to show off their acting skills as characters from the book. This led to them producing some great work using dialogue - it was great to see their enthusiasm in this topic.

In Maths, children have been working hard to understand and apply their knowledge of fractions. It's been pleasing to see their progress and confidence grow.

In Science children have been enjoying lots of practical activities such as how shadows change and how blood travels around the body. We have some keen scientists in year 6!

This month we spoke about Holocaust Memorial Day both in assemblies and in our History lessons where the children have been learning about the Battle of Britain in WW2. The children were extremely mature and made some very insightful and heart-warming observations.

Geography we have been looking at migration. The children have really enjoyed this topic as it has given them the opportunity to share some of their own family’s stories. This has been interesting for both children and teachers to hear about.

We have some future designers in our year group as in D&T we have been learning about upcycling and practising our sewing skills.

Finally, it has been great to see so many children attending Saturday school and applying their learning in class. Their hard work has really been paying off. They have earned a well-deserved break!

Autumn Term

This half term, the year 6 children have been studying the book Wonder. They have had to discuss and explore how the character feels about having to go to school for the very first time. They wrote some powerful diary entries from the viewpoint of the parent and the child. Using the book, they managed to reflect and debate whether children with Teachers Collin Syndrome should go do school. Children used debating skills to support their writing of a balanced argument on whether ‘children with disabilities should attend school’. It has been a good unit to discuss inclusion and how we can all be a bit more understanding of each other’s differences.

Maths has been busy this half term. The children have been learning about: multiplication, division, BIDMAS and fractions. The children will need to continue practising their multiplication and division facts in order to support their fractions unit.

 Science has been interesting for the children; they have learnt about micro-organism. Each class conducted an experiment to see what conditions mould need to grow in. After two weeks it was clear that mould would grow in moist, humid conditions. Children also saw how vinegar will slow down the process of mould. We have also started our unit of work on light and children have been learning about how we use light to see.

In other subjects, we have been researching Picasso’s famous Guernica painting. It is regarded as one of the most powerful anti-war paintings in history. Children have been learning the skill of sketching, using charcoals and scaling to recreate a larger replica.

In geography, we have learnt about droughts and how they have affected California. R.E was very interesting when Ms Begum spoke to us about her pilgrimage of the Umrah. The children got to ask lots of questions and were very engaged. 

Please ask your children to discuss and explain what they have learnt this half term. We ask that children continue to read daily and practise their maths skills during the holidays. We hope you all have a restful festive holiday and stay safe.

Taking part in a debate – Should children with disabilities attend public schools?

We have been practising our formal debating skills, preparing points for and against the proposition.  Debating made us realise how important it is to listen.

Autumn 1

In reading and writing lessons, we have been delving into the wizardry world of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The children have been looking at specific language choices made by the author and using these to write a description of Hogwarts. We then looked at mythological creatures from the world of Harry Potter and have written a non-chronological report on werewolves or dragons.


In maths, we have learnt about place value and the four operations. We have solved word problems using the four operations and developing how maths is in the world around us. As a year group we are developing our arithmetic skills and learning our times tables facts at speed.


In science, we have been researching and classifying vertebrates and invertebrates.


In history, we have delved back 500 year ago.  We have learnt about what Tudor London was like.


Whilst in geography, we have been understanding what desserts are like. All children have baked bread this half term and hopefully they have shared their delicious recipes with you!                                          

Our Learning 

Autumn 1

In English we will be linking our reading and writing together. Our writing will be focusing on setting descriptions and non-chronological reports. Our focus text is Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. We will be thinking about what we want to write; choosing powerful vocabulary into sentences. We will be focusing on authors language choices and how this impacts the reader and effects our writing. We will be doing lots of reading in Year 6 so it is important that we read every day at home and developing our understanding of a text. Please make sure your children are reading and signing reading logs daily focusing on one of the reading skills.


In science we will be using the enquiry skill of classifying to identify and group animals including humans. We will be learning lots of scientific words so please ask your children to explain these so they can remember them.


In maths we will be recapping place value of reading, writing, comparing and ordering numbers up to 10,000,000. Please sit with your children and practise these skills as it will help them with all mathematical concepts. We will move onto to using the four operations to solve calculations and apply these skills in problem solving tasks. Please work with your children on their arithmetic skills to ensure they can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers. All children will need to learn their times tables and corresponding division facts.


All other foundations subjects will be taught weekly. The following subjects and their topics are…

History: London and migration through time (Tudor period)

Geography: Deserts

R.E: Judaism

Computing: Coding

D&T: Making bread

P.EGames (invasion): Netball

P.EGym: Team building x 4 weeks/Mirror and matching x2 weeks


Art will be completed in autumn 2.