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Boredom Buster Summer Uni 2020

You are invited to a 'HEARD' DIGITAL EVENT

We are delighted to announce that we have arranged our second HEARD event. This will be a digital event, taking place online via Zoom on Thursday 11th June from 6pm – 7.30pm. The focus of this event is to provide parents with coping skills, advice and expertise in response to COVID-19 through a panel of professionals from a variety of different fields who will be answering audience questions, as well as sharing their knowledge and expertise.


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A song about Coronavirus

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Please find below the information and timetable for the phased return to school

The Frog Prince


School Readers Storytime

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The Book of Hopes

This is Our House-Michael Rosen

One is a snail,ten is a crab-April Pulley Sayre

The Ravenous Beast-Niamh Sharkey

Bringing Down the Moon-Jonathan Emmett

Into the Forest-Anthony Browne

Baby Brains-Simon James

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Science Marble Run Competition

 A message from Place2Be

Hi everyone,

As you know, there is currently a virus called Coronavirus which many people around the world are catching. People are talking about it and saying different things, and this can be very confusing for everyone. This is an unusual time for all of us and many families are now adapting their normal routines and staying at home in order to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

People have different feelings about what is going on at the moment. Some people are feeling sad, some are worried, some are angry as lots of things are changing. We all have different feelings! Nobody’s feelings are right or wrong, and it is important that you talk about how you feel.

It is important that while you are at home, take responsibility (do what you can to help around the home); show respect (listen to others in your home); be persistent (especially if you’re finding something tricky), show compassion (be kind to each other and yourself); stay active (try and do a daily exercise) and most of all – have some fun!

And one message for the grown-ups, please remember that you are not alone! Everyone at school are here for you and willing to help. You can contact me on

I’m missing you all very much and looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible.


Yasmin, Place2Be

Wellbeing Techniques

The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read Alouds & Activities

Victoria and Albert trip


Take Over Day in year 6

Calling the register and letting the office know how many dinners are needed.

Acting out a conversation in groups before working on speech punctuation.

Leading the mental maths learning.


This term in history we are looking at the spread of Ancient Islam as a civilisation. We began by looking at the historical idea of civilisation and what it meant. We then started our topic by exploring the beliefs and attitudes of different communities within Mecca at the time of Muhammad’s (PBUH) birth. The children learnt about different groups such as: the Quraysh merchants, the Bedouin tribe and the religious nomads. After Muhammad (PBUH) received the message of God, we explored the reactions from these groups to the early teachings of Islam.

Over the second half of the Autumn term, we will begin to discover why Islam spread so quickly from Saudi Arabia; throughout the Middle East and eventually across the globe. During this journey of discovery, the children will look in detail at the city of Baghdad and its importance to the early Islamic civilisation.