Eldon Primary School

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Year 6

Welcome Back

The Year 6 staff are really looking forward to working with the new parents and children this year. So far we have had an excellent start back.

The year 6 classes are based on the capital cities of the countries in British Isles


Year 6 teachers are:

Miss Foster (Achievement Leader of Year 6) – Class Edinburgh

Miss Habib-Ullah- Class London

Mrs Cottle and Mr Khan - Class Dublin

Miss Hussein and Mrs Scott - Class Belfast

Ms Powell and Ms Wilson – Cardiff

Mr Beckford is our Phase Leader


Reading is one of the keys to your child’s success. So we ask that you ensure that your child reads for at least 20 minutes every evening and that at least once a week, an adult hears them read and then signs their reading log.

  • Mathletics – an engaging and supportive education website to help our children enjoy maths and improve their results.
  • Please ensure your children have correct uniform and P.E. kit in school at all times.


Please check our website for regular updates.


Curriculum evening Monday 10th September 3:30 – 4:15pm

Thank you.

The Year 6 team

Dates for the Diary

Friday 7th June PJ day  

Thursday 13th and Friday 14th June

ICT training being aware of the dangers – Be online safe


Thursday 20th June will be our Yr 6 Junior Citizen trip.  The information that the children gain from this trip will help them throughout their adult life.  It is a free trip as we will be walking to Nightingale Academy where the event will be hosted.

Wednesday 26th June SPORTS DAY 9:30am onwards



The Yr 6 children have been making different types of switches in their science lessons.

The children had to read and follow instruction sheets in order to make the different kinds of switches. We will be using these ideas for our design technology project.

Making Switches

10 Rules for Online Safety

Yr 6 have been making animations in their ICT sessions


The children spent time creating their backgrounds and props

The children used web-cams to photograph images that brought their initial comic strip to life.  The children have had opportunities to refine and improve their films as they realized they need to include many more photographs.


The children have been constantly evaluating others’ work and suggesting improvements

Year 6 have been experimenting with the electrical equipment.

We were set challenges to make different circuits. 

We will be using this knowledge in our design technology sessions when we make an electrical game for a chosen audience.


Over the 2 week break you need to continue to do some work each day.  You have your SPAG book to go through and your CGP Poetry reading comprehension book to complete.

Please go on SATS BOOT CAMP daily and complete the different subjects.

Here is another link for SATs questions


This website has questions for reading, SPAG and maths and 10 minute tests for each subject, the answers are also provided as well as a glossary for parents.

See you back at school on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 at 8:50am


Year 6 Writing Standard

In order to pass the Yr 6 writing standard, the children need to know how to spell these words correctly.

Date Test Time
Monday 13th May 2019 English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2 Grammar 45 mins
Spelling 15 mins
Tuesday 14th May 2019 English reading 60 mins
Wednesday 15th May 2019 Maths paper 1 (arithmetic) and paper 2 (reasoning) Arithmetic 30 mins
Reasoning 40 mins
Thursday 16th May 2019 Maths paper 3 (reasoning) Reasoning 40 mins


Table Tennis

Year 6 have enjoyed making the most of the table tennis zone.  They are improving their hand-eye co-ordination while having fun with their friends.Year 6 have enjoyed making the most of the table tennis zone.  They are improving their hand-eye co-ordination while having fun with their friends.

Daily Exercise

The children have been active using the circular track and practising their baton changing and using the new basketball hoops to improve their aiming.  It is important for the children to get their 60 minutes of exercise every day and our daily exercise is a quick 5 minutes of group aerobics enjoyed by staff and children.



Our gymnastic topic of holes and barriers has challenged the children to experiment getting over, under and through apparatus and different barriers including human! 

Look how we got on.

More from World Book Day


Science Lesson

Edinburgh Class

In science we have been learning about the blood.  
We know that the blood consists of plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.  Each of these components have a different role:
Red blood cells – carries the oxygen
White blood cells – fights infection
Platelets – heals wounds by creating clots
Plasma – clear yellowish liquids containing the above.
We then made a ‘blood soup’ using diluted orange squash, marshmallows, cranberries and grains of rice.  Can you guess what part of the blood each of these ingredients represented?

Edinburgh Class

World book day in Year 6  was enjoyed by everyone.  The children dressed up as their favourite character, discussed their favourite books with their peers, participate in quizzes and finish the day relaxing reading in our weekly D.E.A.R sessions (Drop Everything And Read).

World Book Day

Some pictures from Cardiff Class and Edinburgh Class

We have looked at Traditional Tales and more modern stories with strong characters.

Where's Wally?

Gangster Granny and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Jemima Puddleduck


This week in science we have looked at real hearts (lambs). The children were fascinated and were able to identify the different parts (atrium, ventricle and the aorta). The children were surprised by the weight of the heart and the fat that surrounded it.

The children had the opportunity to touch, hold and investigate what a real heart is like. They thoroughly enjoyed this experience and will now hopefully find out more. We might have inspired the children to be future heart surgeons.

Heart Pictures

Your Favourite Book

Year 6 need to select their favourite book and bring it to school.

Prepare a short talk about the plot, main character and where the story takes place.

Explain why it is your favourite book and who would you recommend to read it.

Dress up day

Come to school as your favourite character put some thought into your costume.

Biographies continued

After half term we will be writing our own biographies about a fictitious (made up) character. The children will need to make up information about Pip Davenport.

The children need to find out more about fairground rides such as the merry-go-round, the carousel, the waltzer and swinging chairs.



Over the next 2 weeks, we will be writing biographies. We will be finding out about Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

He was known as the ‘Little giant’ as he was a small man who had huge ideas and dreams.

We will be creating a timeline of his life to show all of his achievements.

Watch the video to find out more.


Our gymnastics topic this have term is ‘counter balance and counter tension’, we are working with our partners on the skills of co-operation, trust and balance. Our next step, is to incorporate these balances into a sequence containing 8 -10 movements.

Making bread

We started off by tasting a variety of breads to find out what we liked and what we didn’t enjoy so much.

Next, we made our own bread by following a recipe.

We learnt how to knead the dough and mould it into different shapes.

Some designs were more successful than others!

We evaluated the product after tasting it and thought about the improvements we could make.

Rainbow Theatre group

The children had a wonderful day with the Rainbow Theatre group, as they were able to perform alongside the actors and learn a great deal of information from their peers. We all dressed up and took part in Victorian lessons (handwriting, arithmetic and vocal gymnastics). At playtime, we played marbles, hopscotch, ball and cup and hoop and ruler.

Our school was built in the Victorian era, can you find evidence of this as you walk around?


Look above the doorways, in the top hall, in each of the classrooms.


Drop Everything And Read. 

You are cordially invited to come and read with your child as part of Year 6’s DEAR session on Thursday 4th October at 2:45pm.

Please enter the school by the children’s entrance door by the Office. You will be required to sign in on a list in your child’s class. You do not need to go to the main Office.

The session finishes at 3:15pm – you will need to collect your child as normal from the back playground at hometime.

Kind regards, The Year 6 Teaching Team