Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Year 6

The Year 6 staff are really looking forward to working with the new parents and children this year. So far we have had an excellent start back.


The year 6 classes are based on the capital cities of the countries in British Isles

Year 6 teachers are:

Miss Foster (Achievement Leader of Year 6) – Class Edinburgh

Mr Symister- Class London

Mrs Cottle and Mr Khan - Class Dublin

Miss Hussein and Miss Racktoo - Class Belfast

Miss Powell and Miss Wilson – Cardiff


We are all committed to ensuring your children have a safe, full and rounded year of learning and are all very happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.


Please make sure you look at our yearly and half termly overview on the website to keep up to date with what your children are learning. The spelling homework is accessible through our website. Children also have access to great education websites, to support their learning, such as:

  • Mathletics – an engaging and supportive education website to help our children enjoy maths and improve their results.
  • Reading Eggspress – an interactive online reading programme, which helps improving, spelling skills and building reading comprehension.


We would ask that you please ensure your child's reading log is being signed at least once a week by an adult at home and reading for at least 20 minutes every day. Please ensure your children have correct uniform and PE in school at all times.


Please check our website for regular updates.


Thank you.

Mr A. Symister

Summer 1

Welcome back. As the oldest year group in the school there is always a lot going on. We are very busy and hardworking, but we find lots of time for fun too! We have begun work towards our SATs exams in May, and are working hard to improve our comprehension skills, grammar knowledge, reasoning skills and lots more!

To help prepare children and remove any anxiety about the end of KS2 tests, we will carry out a series of MOCK tests during this term. The children will also be participating in a range of booster clubs to enhance and consolidate their skill, understanding and application.

Tests to be completed:

Maths arithmetic

Maths reasoning paper 1

​Maths reasoning paper 2

English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Reading comprehension

We will encourage the children to do their best in each of these practise tests and reward their efforts (not their results). In addition to SATs, the children will be taking part in a junior citizen’s trip at the end of the term (Wednesday 23rd May @ Nightingale Academy) which teaches children how to keep safe in everyday life. They will have controlled learning experiences, where children are encouraged to make decisions which they may face during a real life emergency. Furthermore, the children will be continuing to develop their writing, a love of learning through various topics of work, across the curriculum.

SATs schedule:

Monday 14th May

English grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Paper 1: short answer questions (45 minutes)

Paper 2: spelling (15 minutes)

Tuesday 15th May

English reading test

Paper 1: Reading comprehension (60 minutes)

Wednesday 16th May


Paper 1: arithmetic (30 minutes)

Paper 2: reasoning (40 minutes)

Thursday 17th May


Paper 3: reasoning (40 minutes)


Spring 2

I hope all parents and children had a wonderful half term. This term our focal point evolves around great inventors during the Victorian era (1837 - 1901) whose foresight and innovative ideas revolutionised the society we live in today. Visit the website for regular updates.

Mr A Symister​

World Book day

In celebration of World Book Day, the children in Year 6 have participated in a number of storytelling activities as well as sharing their learning with Year 1. Whilst our year 6 children shared their favourite books, discussed the content; heard the year 1 children read and even made origami bookmarks for them to promote the love of reading. The children also dressed up as their favourite character from their chosen book.




Thank you to Teach First who gave us some free tickets to watch the show Pinocchio at the National Theatre on the 8th December as a thank you for the work we have been doing with Teach First, supporting them to train new teachers.

64 year 6 children were selected because of their excellent attendance.

The children loved the show which was amazing and they were extremely excited about the free water, ice cream and voucher they received.

Gangs Awareness Workshop

Making the right choices

A partnership between the local police, ambulance service, the local probation service and the Edmonton Schools Together Collective, delivered a gang and weapons awareness workshop.

This program is aims to educate children in order to prevent them making the wrong choices later on. This workshop is designed to educate and equip young children to avoid the risk in being caught up in violent crime and gangs.

Within this programme the following areas were covered:

  • Real stories of victims of weapon related youth crime
  • An emergency 999 call scenario is discussed
  • Consequences of a Criminal record and joint enterprise.
  • Testimony of an ex-offender who leads a motivational speech about choices.

NSPCC’s Speak out. Stay safe programme  

  • Year 6 took part in the NSPCC’s Speak out. Stay safe programme.
  • At the NSPCC, they believe it’s vital that every child in every primary school across the UK understands their rights and the need to speak out and who they can speak to.
  • Speak out. Stay safe. Assembly and workshop
  • A specially trained member of the NSPCC delivered an assembly to our year group with key safeguarding messages to the children. These were the built upon with an hour long assembly workshop, where class teachers helped to facilitate discussion and provide guidance.
  • Our children were then given a task to help them consider the places, things and people, which make them feel happy and safe, individually and collectively as a class.