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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 page


The Year 6 staff are really looking forward to working with the new parents and children this year. So far we have had an excellent start back.


The year 6 classes are based on the capital cities of the countries in British Isles

Year 6 teachers are:

Miss Foster – Class Edinburgh

Mr Symister- Class London

Mrs Cottle and Miss Racktoo - Class Dublin

Mr Grant - Class Belfast

Miss Powell – Cardiff


We are all committed to ensuring your children have a safe, full and rounded year of learning and are all very happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Please make sure you look at our yearly and half termly overview on the website to keep up to date with what your children are learning. The spelling homework is accessible through our website.


We would ask that you please ensure your child's reading log is being signed at least once a week by an adult at home and reading for at least 20 minutes every day. Please ensure your children have correct uniform and PE in school at all times.


A part of our ethos in year 6 is keeping up to date with contemporary issues and events. The children in year 6 have created poems and pledges about international peace day on the 21st September. Have a look at some of the work they have produced.


Also, take a look at some of the work produced by children on post-impressionist art and our creative learning continues to extend through physical activities in science to help children understand the way electricity works.


Please check our website for regular updates.


Thank you.

Mr A. Symister

Good Citizens Trip

Our children have demonstrated their interest in the number of contemporary events taking place this summer. Our school showed support for England in the afternoon and our Year 6 children have made an Olympic torch (the light of spirit, knowledge and life) which was carried around the school, by Year 6 children, in celebration of the upcoming Olympic Games.

Bike Ability

Bikeability is a cycle training programme. It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads. Some of our children in Year 6 have been taking part in this programme to improve their skills and confidence in cycling. The training was provided by Cycle Confident Ltd who work with the Road Safety department at the council.

The training covered both off-road level 1 training (core basic skills) and then on to on-road level 2 training, on quiet local roads.


Year 6 will also be taking part in the training next year so make sure your bikes are ready!

I learnt how to sign and how to look behind your traffic shoulder and turning shoulder.



When you are turning look behind your turning shoulder.



I have learned that you should always look from your traffic shoulder (right shoulder) just in case a car is coming or coming in speed.



I learnt how to signal.



Always do your signal before turning.



I learnt that you must know where to ride on the road.



I know a few rhymes like the width of a door and a little bit more, or see and be seen.



You only need to signal when there is a car. When you turn left or right you always look. New lane, new look. Do not keep on changing your gear. Recognise typical hazards and understand the highway code.



During Bikeability I learnt how to do U-turns and signals.



You ride outside of the door zone a little bit more.



You should always stay a bike length away.


Junior Citizens Trip

On the 13th June, Year 6 spent the day at Nightingale Academy attending a Junior Citizen event, which is a safety training programme in which children take part in mock ups of dangers they may face in everyday day life and learn through experience how to deal with them.


This is an initiative led by the Metropolitan Police Service in partnership with other agencies within the community including Transport for London and the London Fire Brigade. Our children listened to a number of speakers and took part in workshops which involved a number of interactive scenarios covering themes such as: transport safety, fire safety, knife crime prevention, internet safety, investigating a road accident; road safety, dangerous dog awareness and maintaining a bicycle. The scenarios enabled the children to learn about personal safety, whilst at the same time, encouraging children to be good model citizens and to have a sense of responsibility for the community.

Spring 2


I hope all parents and children had a wonderful half term. This term our focal point evolves around great inventors during the Victorian era (1837 - 1901) whose foresight and innovative ideas revolutionised the society we live in today. Visit the website for regular updates.


Mr A Symister 

The Victorian Era

(1837 – 1901)



I hope all parents and children enjoyed the Christmas holiday. This term our focal point evolves around the Victorians through all curriculum areas. The children in Year 6 will have the opportunity experience life as a Victorian child, create print work inspired by William Morris and explore how the industrial revolution and British Empire shapes the society we live in today. Visit the website for regular updates on our Victorian expedition in Year 6.



Our Victorian History

Eldon Road board school opened in 1899. The infants were housed in one building and the boys', girls', and junior mixed departments on separate floors in an adjoining building. Eldon Road School was attended in 1908 by 2,313 children, of whom 537 were juniors and 625 infants. The total dropped to 1,853 in 1919 and in 1973 there were 501 on the roll at the junior school and 462, including 60 at nursery classes, on the roll at the infants'.

Today we are now unified as Eldon Primary School.


Thank you

Mr A Symister



Victorian day

On Wednesday 13th January Year 6 went back in time to the Victorian era. We dressed up in simple costumes and welcomed the Rainbow Theatre Company actors who helped us understand, what life was like for Victorian children.

When we arrived at school, we found our tables had been put into rows and our first task was to copy out letters of the alphabet and sentences.

‘Children should be seen and not heard’

We were not allowed to talk as we completed our tasks.

Later, the actors collected us and we were poor Victorian children – we were scared and had to look at the floor.

The actors helped us to prepare scenes to show the other children what life was like for: school children, factory worker (who were children), chimneys sweeps, children who worked down in the mines and toshers who looked for valuables in the sewers.

The actors, acted with us and gave us more information about the life of the children of this time


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Autumn 2

I hope all parents and children had a great half term. This term our focal point evolves around the concept of Fairtrade through all curriculum areas. The children in Year 6 will have the opportunity to design, market and sell their very own fair trade product, using ICT to create spreadsheets to measure costing and profitability, giving them an opportunity to showcase their entrepreneurship skills. Visit the website for regular updates on our Fairtrade journey in Year 6.


Thank you

Mr A Symister


Fair Trade Posters

Instructional Writing

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Peace Day Poems

Art: Paul Cezanne