Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Year 5

Trip to London Zoo

We recently completed our end of year tests and as a treat for working so hard we did an athletics competition on the field. We were in mixed groups across all of the classes so we got to run/jump/throw and hurdle against people from across all of year 5. We had a brilliant time.

Summer 2

This half term Year 5 have started their new topic ‘Extreme Environments’. They have already completed a carousel of activities wherein they did 4 different activities with 4 different teachers all related to their new topic. They have done Drama, Art, DT and French which has linked to their work in Literacy on mountains. 

…And we are visiting the zoo in July. We will make sure we take lots of photos!


In Literacy we are writing our own stories which are set in an extreme environment. We first read a true story about 3 men who survived a blizzard in a terrifying expedition in the snowy Alps. We plan to use this as a guide for our story writing.



We were working on our figurative writing, in particular similes/metaphors and the use of personification in our writing.

We discussed how these techniques involve comparing one thing with another, so we matched different pictures to help us write out own.







We have been looking at chicks as part of our work on life cycles.

Summer 1

This half term Year 5 have been doing a Science topic called ‘The Earth and Beyond’.

It has been fantastic! We have learnt about the planets, their orbits, why we have day and night, seasons and the reason why the moon looks like it changes shape.

We even went on an amazing trip to the Science Museum and saw a 3D movie at the IMAX about space.

This half term (Spring 1) we have been focussing on Shakespeare.

Each class in year 5 has been working on a different play by Shakespeare. We all read our play and wrote character descriptions of the main characters. We then wrote soliloquies about the dilemmas the characters encountered in the play.
Finally we modernised our plays and wrote our very own modern version of our plays as play scripts.
We even went on a trip to the Globe Theatre and had the chance to act with the actors on the stage.

Here are 5C in action at their Macbeth acting workshop.

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