Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5.

Classes and teachers


Jupiter class – Mrs Cox

Neptune class – Ms Baverstock

Saturn class -  Miss Foster

Venus class – Mr Symister

Lessons start at 9am, so the Year 5 children can enter the building from the back playground from 8:50am.  At the end of the school day, Year 5 children will be collected from the back playground from 3:20pm.  If you would like your child to walk home alone, please make sure you sign the correct form. (Additional forms can be obtained from the School Office) 

Year 5 is an important year, building on the work started in Year 4 and preparing the children for year 6.

Reading is the key to success so we ask parents and carers to continue to read with their children as much as possible (every evening) for at least 20minutes as this will improve their fluency and understanding. 

The children should then fill in their reading log.  Please sign the log to say you have heard them read.

Every Monday your child will receive a spelling homework. Please help them to learn these words ready for their test on Friday morning.

By the end of Yr 4 children should know their multiplication tables off by heart as it helps them calculate at a faster rate.  Please hear your child chant their multiplication tables regularly or give them some quick fire questions. is a fun website and helps the children learn in a different way.

Google classroom has been set up for your child to complete homework other home learning.  All children have been given their password and class code.  Please regularly check what they are doing and that they are using this platform appropriately.

If you have any concerns or questions please speak to your child’s class teacher, Miss Foster (Yr Leader) or Mr Beckford (Phase Leader) so that we can sort out any issues immediately they arise.

Nightly homework: reading, spelling and multiplication tables.



Summer 1


The Year 5 children have had another busy half term.  We have continued to welcome the Apollo music company to Eldon.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different instruments of the orchestra and hearing the sounds they make.

We look forward to our next concert at the Hackney Empire in July.

During our art sessions we have been working on our collage skills.  We have used Henri Rousseau as our inspiration looking at his jungle pictures.  We have refined our skills in layering, scrunching and quilling and have used these in our individual pieces.  We have combined the individual images to make a class picture.

Here is Neptune class’ collage.


After the Whitsun break we continue with our learning.

English – Poetry - The Highway man

Maths – 2D and 3D shape, position and direction

Science – The Sun, Earth and Moon

Geography – North and South America

History – Early civilisations in the Americas

R.E. – The Big questions

D & T – Sewing


Swimming – Jupiter, Venus and Mars will continue their swimming sessions. Please make sure they have the correct kit for these sessions.


Sports Day Wednesday 15th June



Spring 2


The Year 5 children have been working extremely hard this half term, they have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about the life cycles of different animal and plant groups.  We have continued to enjoy the Apollo music company visits where we have been learning about the brass section of the orchestra.  We have been treated to an hour concert performed in a concert hall, the time flew and we look forward to attending another concert at the Hackney Empire in July.

The children loved dressing up for World Book Day and making their story boxes.  Thank you to all the parents who spent time with their children helping them be proud of their costumes and boxes and making both events such a success.

During our Design Technology sessions we have been practising our sawing skills so that children can make a moving cam toy.  The children have enjoyed the whole process especially working more independently.

After the Easter break we continue with our learning.

English – Letter writing with different levels of formality

Maths – The link between fractions, decimal and percentages

Science – human lifecycles

Geography – North and South America

History – Christianity in the British Isles

R.E. – Sikhism

Art – Collage

Swimming – Jupiter, Venus and Mars will start their swimming sessions WC 25th April 2022.

Please make sure they have the correct kit for these sessions.


Spring 1


What an exciting half term we have had, with lots of new learning opportunities and time to practise ones from the past.  The children have had great fun learning about: The Vikings, completing investigations involving forces (making and dropping parachutes and spinners).


Processional dances – The Pavanne


Printing in the style of Andy Warhol


Next half term, Year 5 will be welcoming the Apollo music company back to Eldon, to learn more about musical instruments.  We will be going out to the concert hall to experience a classical concert.  Jupiter class, Mars class and Venus class will be starting their swimming sessions so please make sure your child has a swimming costume.

Other lessons include:

Maths – Fractions, percentages and decimals

Science – Life cycles of plants and different animal groups

Writing – Using the Pied Piper as a writing stimulus

History – Norse Culture

Geography – Oceans

D & T  - Sewing making a bag

French – weather and seasons

P.E  - Gymnastics and athletics

R.E – Judaism

Computing – Designing and making a website

Whole class reading – Making inferences and answering other types of questions.


We will also be celebrating World book Day Thursday 3rd March when we will be dressing up as book character and Red Nose Day on Friday 18th March 2022 when we will be dressing up as Superheroes.

Autumn Term

Year 5 have enjoyed the end of the Autumn term.  We have completed a variety of practical activities that have made our learning even more memorable.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed designing and making sweet biscuits without using chocolate.  They have measured out all the ingredients, mixed the dough and shaped their biscuits before adding their final designs.  The best part was the tasting session!

During our science sessions, the children have been separating materials by sieving, filtering and evaporating.  They know about reversible and irreversible changes and are now making more links with their learning.

The children have been learning how to play the ukulele during their music lessons, all the children have had this wonderful opportunity to play this unique instrument.

Neptune and Saturn classes have really enjoyed their swimming sessions and have made really good progress.  Swimming is a life skill so please take your child swimming as it is a great form of exercise too.  Jupiter, Mars and Venus classes will start their swimming in April 2022.

When we come back in January the children will be consolidating their methods for multiplication and division. 

We will be studying William Shakespeare and his plays.  Each class will be looking in detail at an individual play.  In History, the children will be studying the Vikings and learning about California in Geography. While in art, the children will be refining their printing skills. So be ready for learning on Wednesday 5th January 2022

The Year 5 team would like to wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and a very healthy 2022.

Autumn 2

The children have settled well into year 5 and have been enjoying all the new learning experiences.


In science they have been learning about ‘fair testing’ when we have been comparing different types of materials for different jobs.  They have been carrying out their own investigations and have been learning the importance of measuring carefully so they have accurate results so that conclusions can be made.


In music the children have been learning about notation.  They have been using this knowledge when playing the glockenspiels and xylophones.