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Year 5

Butterfly Release

We finally released our beautiful butterflies and set them free. Geoff the butterfly (from Saturn) didn't want to leave but finally made it out of the pavilion. This was a lovely moment.


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Saturn Class Sunglasses Project

Saturn class really enjoyed designing and making sunglasses for their chosen target audience. This varied from children to adults. These are quite funky! Which one do you like best?


This half term the Year 5 classes are learning about life-cycles. We have started our topic with something very exciting: Life-cycle of a butterfly. Each class have been given a set of caterpillars and are awaiting their beautiful transformation into a butterfly. Here are some images of what each stage looks like:

Look out for updates each week!


For further research on life-cycle of butterflies, have a look at the following videos:

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

You will learn about "Life Cycle of a Butterfly" in this video. A butterfly lays eggs on the leaves of a plant. These eggs hatch and young ones called larvae or caterpillars come out of the eggs. The caterpillar starts feeding on the leaves and starts to grow.

Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis time-lapse

Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. Late instar caterpillar feeding to pupation to eclosing from a chrysalis as a Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) Time-lapse video.

Extreme Environment

We launched our topic in style and looked at different extreme environments. We even got a taste of what a volcano eruption can be like. 

3D Maths Day

We had a whole day of maths and learnt about different 3D shapes. This included:

  • ​cubes and nets
  • prisms and cuboids
  • pyramids

Science Museum Trip

We visited the science museum as part of our science topic of Earth and Beyond. We learnt about all the different things that have ended up on space and what a space shuttle looks like. We even watched a 3D movie on stars. This was mind blowing and very interesting. 

Moving Toys

We worked in teams to design and make a moving toy inspired by the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelyn. Here are our finished products.

Dress as your favourite book character

Saturn class really enjoyed getting dressed up. We came as lots of different characters. Can you guess who we are?

Who is Ms Begum?

Reading Morning

On Wednesday 2nd March, Year 4 and 5 had a reading morning. We invited the parents in to attend a short workshop on our expectations of the reading records and to give some tips on how to support our children at home. After, they were able to spend time with their children reading their favourite books and have a go at filling in their reading records. Year 4 and 5 children also buddied up and helped each other with their reading while enjoying some milk and cookies. It was a positive and enjoyable morning. Both the Year 4 and 5 teams would like to thank all those parents which attended - your comments were very useful and we have definitely taken them all on board.


Comments from parents:

The sheet really helped me a lot, it's exactly what I wanted 

It was good to see my child and their teacher reading. 

I've got some good ideas on reading with my child. 

I liked reading with my daughter.

It was very useful, now I know what to ask my child.

It was good to see the children enjoying reading.

I've learnt how to make useful comments.

It was nice and very enjoyable.

It was really useful, next time we would like to have this in September 


Comments from children:

Reading with other year groups was fun.

Year 4 understood their reading books and answered questions beautifully.

It was a great opportunity to read with Year 4 and 5 to know how much they read at home.

Reading with other children was a great experience.

It was great to read with someone I don't know.

When we were reading with the children and they struggled, we could help them by discussing what the book was about.

Share Our Learning

On Wednesday 10th February, Year 5 shared their learning with their parents. It was lovely to see the parents in school and all the Year 5 teachers would like to thank everyone who attended.

Globe Theatre Workshop

We really enjoyed our workshop from the Globe Theatre. We learnt about villainy and we got to understand the play of Richard III in depth. We learnt how to express ourselves and how to utilise the stage area efficiently. It was fun and creative!

Bayeux Tapestry

Year 5 worked hard in art last half term to recreate their own version of the Bayeux Tapestry. Each class made a different section then we put it all together - you can see it displayed in our school hall now!

Year 5 Mosque Trip

We really enjoyed our trip to the Mosque. We looked at the different parts of the inside of a mosque. We met the mosque Imam (leader of the mosque) and he showed us the significance of the different parts.

Recitation by the Imam

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We listened to the Imam reciting the first chapter of the Quran (Surah Fatiha). This was beautiful and made us feel peaceful, calm, relaxed and closer to our God.

Theatre Models

For our Half term project, we recreated William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. We used our creativity and had fun at the same time. Here are our winners. Well done to them!

Autumn 2

This is year 5 being active. We have really enjoyed using the different play ground equipment, PE lessons and daily exercise to keep us active.


At the beginning of this half term, we discovered a few strange things on the school field. We found items which have come from the 11th Century. We were left very confused and excited about what had happened.

Autumn 1


In the last week of term, we had a go at writing some of our own hieroglyphics. This is some of our marvellous Mayan work.


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We've been working hard in music with Mr Logan too!


In science, we've been using our predicting skills to predict which spoon would get hottest the quickest. We've also been continuing with our work on materials and have been looking at different types of plastics.  

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dress Up Day

Monday 19th October was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dress up day. Year 5 completed their design brief from Mr Willy Wonka and made their final chocolate bar designs.

We had great fun dressing up as our favourite characters and even the teachers joined in.

The British Museum

This week, Year 5 went to the British Museum. We looked closely at Mayan artefacts and completed a treasure hunt to find out all about hieroglyphics, what they are and how the Mayan’s used them.

Black History Week

We have been celebrating Black History week this week and looking at the life of Walter Tull: soldier, footballer, hero.

He was the first black footballer to play for Tottenham and only the third black man to play professional football in the UK. However, when WW1 broke out Walter chose to join the Footballers’ Battalion to go and fight for his country. During this time he became the first black Infantry Officer in the history of the British Army. Unfortunately, Walter died on the battlefield on the morning of 25th March 1918 and his body was left there despite heroic attempts to rescue it.

In Year 5, we believe that Walter Tull should have been awarded the military cross so we wrote persuasive letters to the Home Secretary Theresa May persuading her to honour this brave and courageous man.

First, we collected information about Walter Tull’s life. We worked in groups to look at different parts of the timeline of his life. Our headings were:

  • Family and childhood
  • Footballing career
  • Military
  • Walter Tull’s memorial

Here are the notes that we made in our groups.

Then, we fed back all the wonderful facts we had learnt to our class.

Finally, we used this information and our previous knowledge of persuasive letters to write to the Home Secretary Theresa May.

We also linked our work with Walter Tull to previous work we did about peace.

We made stain glass windows with symbols of peace linked to Walter Tull’s life and WW1.

Here are just some of our brilliant pieces of work.



Year 5’s Science topic this half term is ‘Get Sorted’. We have been getting stuck in and doing lots of hands on activities. Have a look at some of our pictures. We were sorting materials to find out all about their different properties. This week we are finding out if solids are always hard and next week we will be finding out if liquids are always runny! Keep checking to see more photos of our wonderful work!


Thank you

Thank you to all the parents who came to meet their class teachers last week. The year 5 team have created a spelling and reading at home help sheet to support you with helping your children with their learning at home. Check your children's book bags this week, they will be bringing a copy home. Alternatively, you can find a copy of both sheets here on the schools website.


The Year 5 staff are really looking forward to working with the new parents and children this year. So far we have had an excellent start back.


Year 5 teachers are:

Ms Levendi/Ms Koumbas - Venus class

Ms Begum - Saturn class

Mr Hughes - Mars class

Ms Cook - Jupiter class

Ms Campbell - Neptune class


We are all committed to ensuring your children have a safe, full and rounded year of learning and we are all very happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.


Please make sure you look at our yearly and half termly overview on the website to keep up to date with what your children are learning.


We would ask that you please ensure your child's reading log is being signed at least once a week by an adult at home and to ensure your children have correct uniform and PE kit in school at all times. Please also remember that your children will be going swimming once a week and will need full swimming kit on these days:


Wednesday - Saturn class

Thursday - Venus, Neptune, Jupiter classes.

Friday - Mars class.


Also, take a look at the talk for writing videos we have been working on in Literacy to help us learn key persuasive phrases for our writing. They're amazing!


Year 5 have been up to all sorts of fun activities this half term and are currently in the process of designing their own chocolate bars in DT ready to make them in the last week of term!


Thank you.

Miss A. Campbell



Talk for writing - Neptune

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Welcome Back


The Year 5 team would like to welcome everyone back to a new year.


Now that we have settled back in, we’d like to remind everyone to keep checking our school website to find out what year 5 are getting up to in their learning. We’ll keep you updated with lots of photos and examples of the brilliant work we are already producing.


To help our children achieve the best they possibly can, we are currently selling practice books for Maths and English at the end of each school day. You can pick both books up for £5. Alternatively, you can send in an envelope with your child’s name and class with £5 enclosed.


Finally, we would like to invite all the Year 5 parents to come in and meet their class teachers next week. Look out for the letters which are being sent home.


Miss Koumbas

Year 5 Achievement Year Leader