Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Year 4

Year 4

Classes and Teachers

Severn Class - Mr Hughes

Nile Class - Miss Shale

Zambezi Class - Ms Begum and Mr Temple

Thames Class - Miss Howard

Yangtze Class - Mr Hutcheson


Summer Term

Year 4 have been working very hard making torches in D&T this half term. They have used their knowledge from their science lessons on how circuits work to create their torches. This has been fun.

In French we have been working on our oracy skills and building on how talk about sports that we like and dislike.  

This half term we have been busy writing our very own twisted fairy tales. We have been changing the story of the Three Little Pigs. Some were very creative.

Next half term, we will be writing newspaper articles focussing further on our fractions work in maths. 


Since we have been back, children got very busy with their DT project of eating healthily. They all discussed different seasonal vegetables and created their very own curry paste for a vegetable curry. This was later used to make a vegetable curry by Ms Begum. We smelt lots of different spices and some were very strong and aromatic.

Next half term we will continue with our fantastic learning and will be looking to write fairy tales with a twist. So now is the time to reread your favourite ones!