Eldon Primary School

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Year 4

Year 4


Meet the team:


Ms Begum (A) and Miss Manu- Zambezi


Mr Temple -Nile class


Mr Hughes- Severn class


Mr Hutchenson- Yangtze class


Miss Begum (B)- Thames class



Ms Hussein- Phase leader for LSK2 and Assistant Headteacher


We appreciate your support as parents at home to extend your child’s learning through extra research and home reading. The additional support of parents will help children to really excel this year. This year the children will be sitting the timetables and division test at the end of the year and it is very important that you support with their learning and help them achieve their targets. 


We look forward to an enjoyable year and working with you and your children.

Spring 2

This half term we have been busy writing explanation texts using our previous learning in science.

Everyone was left speechless after the alleged alien invasion from planet Nodle and all the children wrote some fantastic newspaper reports based on what was seen and found in the school field.

In science we have been learning about electricity and have learnt how to create simple circuits. We were then able to use out knowledge from science and apply this to our DT topic of creating torches. 

In maths we have busy with our assessments and also learning some brand new topics on area and Roman Numerals. Do you know them up to 100?

Next half term, we are very excited about our trip to Walton-On-Naze on the 28th April 2022 which looks at our geography topic of coastal landforms.

We urge parents to pay for this as soon as possible as it covers the cost of the coaches. 

Spring 1


This half term year 4 have been busy reading and learning from the famous Irish Legend that is Finn McCaoul. The children really enjoyed reading about his famous wife and how she defeated the Scottish Giant Cucullin with her wits and wisdom.

Children produced a character description and learnt to use dialogue in their writing as well.

In history we have come to the end of learning about the Romans. We have been finding out about how they ruled Britain as part of their empire. Another strong female we have learnt about is Boudicca and how she stood up to fight the Romans with her Iceni tribe. 

We used our history to develop a dance in PE about Boudicca, this will continue after the half term. 

In science, we have completed our topic on sound. Children have really enjoyed using sound sensors to investigate sound. 

In art we have been working on creating perspective. This has been challenging but extremely fun for everyone. 

Autumn Term

This half term we have very busy writing setting description in English.

We have used the story of Narnia to help develop this genre. We have learnt to use figurative language and lots of different ways to start our sentences.

In maths, we have been learning how to work with negative numbers. This has been a new topic and children have really enjoyed it.

In science children have now started the new topic of sound. We have learnt that sounds are made by vibrations. We also learnt that sound can travel through any solid objects. 

In RE we have been learning about the birth of Jesus and Christmas.

In DT, we have been designing and making bridges.

Next half term we are looking forward to learning about perimeter and area and reading the story of Finn McCaul.  We would like to wish you a peaceful holiday and look forward to seeing you back in January 2022.

Autumn 2

Year 4 have been busy learning how to write diary entries and balanced arguments in English.


We decided as a year group that video games should not be banned but we also need to be careful so that we don't become addicted.


In maths, we have really pushed ourselves in our problem solving skills in addition. Some children are now able to carry out maths investigations on palindromes.


In history we have been learning about the Roman Republic, it's been fascinating learning about how the Romans lived.


Our best work came through Black History month learning about what we are proud of.

We are proud of our heritage, our school and everything that makes us unique.




Children have been discussing the different parts of their cultures and we have spoken about who inspires us in our lives.. 



Throughout this half term we are learning about the Ancient Rome. We are focussing on the recounts and balanced arguments in our English writing lessons. In Science we are learning about states of matter.

This half term in maths we are focussing on place value and are looking at 4 digit numbers. We will compare, order and find more of less than a given number.