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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Hello and welcome back to all the Year 4 children. We will use this page to keep you informed on the exciting activities and learning that will be happening throughout the year for your children.


Throughout this half term we are learning about the Celts and the story of Finn McCaul. We are focussing on the Celts through our English, History and Art. In Science we are learning about sound and looking at how sound travels through the air and how instruments are used to create sounds of different texture, tone and pitch.


This half term in maths we are focussing on place value and are looking at 4 digit numbers. We will compare, order and find more of less than a given number.


We invite you to join us for our curriculum meeting and pop ins on the 13th September at 3.30pm in the bottom hall. We will use this time to explain the curriculum development for your children throughout the year and to answer any questions you may have.


We appreciate your support as parents at home to extend your child’s learning through extra research and home reading. The additional support of parents will help children to really excel this year.


We look forward to an enjoyable year and working with you and your children.


The Year 4 Team

Y4 performance of Aladdin

Spring 1

'This half term has been a very exciting one for year 4!

We began our Superhero topic by focussing on Superhero profiles and writing about our favourite comic characters.  From Spiderman to Wonder Woman, we worked hard to include fronted adverbials to add more information to our profiles and sub headings to layout our information effectively.


Before long, we were news reporters, eye witnesses and correspondents reenacting an Alien Invasion in New York! During this speaking and listening activity, we worked hard on projecting our voices and speaking clearly with intonation and changes in tone of voice. We saw some wonderful performance and have definitely spotted some talent for future TV stars!


To support our Geography topic, save our world, we visited the Sea Life centre in a bid to learn more about the pollution of plastic in our seas. It was great to see all of the amazing sea creatures and even all of the penguins waddling around. 

To summarise, it has been a busy half term of learning for Year 4 pupils and we cant wait to begin our Spring 2 topic of Raging Rivers after half term!'


This half term in maths we are looking at multiplication and division. We definitely need to learn our times tables! We will be working on learning the formal methods for multiplying a HTO by O number and dividing a HTO by O. Towards the end of the term we will be looking at Perimeter. This will link to our DT WOW week.


This half term in English we are looking at writing persuasive speeches. We will be writing first from the perspective of Boudicca, trying to persuade the Celts to join her in rebelling against Roman rule and then as a Roman citizen, begging the Roman general Suetonius to end the Celtic rebellion. We will be using our speaking and listening skills to take on these roles to help us write.


Boudicca’s Speech

On Friday 23rd November Year 4 came together as Celtic tribes. In our English lessons we had been writing persuasive speeches from the point of view of Boudicca. Our Celtic tribes were definitely persuaded to join our Boudiccas in their rebellion against the Romans!

The children delivering the speeches

Celtic Crosses

Following on from our Celt WOW week in week 1, we designed and made our very own Celtic crosses. Using clay, we focussed on the tribal patterns, knots and swirls that feature in Celtic art. Over the course of five sessions we worked on our Design Technology skills to create a design brief, design potential cross ideas and finally make them in class. Take a look at some of our wonderful Celtic crosses!

Black History Week

Black History week was an exciting one for year 4 pupils. We started the unit by looking at Windrush and the journey that was made from the Caribbean to the UK. We discussed how it may have felt to have arrived in the UK and wanted to convey these emotions through art. In our art sessions, we represented the Caribbean homes of those that travelled on SS. Windrush compared to Tilbury Dock where they would have arrived in London to show the vast comparison.‚Äč Through our English sessions we focussed on the diary of Amazing Grace. This writing opportunity led us to focus on the feelings of discrimination that the people of Windrush may have felt when arriving in the UK. We produced some amazing writing throughout the topic and really worked on our diary writing skills.

The Windrush

Year 4 visit to Epping Forest

During this half term, we visited Epping forest to take part in a Celtic survival day. We began by exploring the forest, looking at the features of the local environment. We took a walk to the local lake, Connaught Waters and ate our lunch with a view of the wildlife. During our workshop, we worked together to make shelters and to create fire using a flint and steel. We had a wonderful day and it was great to get out into the countryside for the day.


This half term has seen us explore the mythical tale of Finn MacCaul, an Irish warrior giant. Our writing journey led us to the Giants Causeway, a rocky terrain in Ireland that, in the story, lay between Finn MacCaul and his nemesis Cucculin.

From there, we wrote a fantastic description on the setting of the story, imagining what we would see, hear and smell in such a landscape!

Before long, we ventured inside the home of the colossal Finn MacCaul, to explore what could possibly be inside. Taking on the role of estate agents, we attempted to sell the property to prospective buyers. With help from our knowledge gained on the Celts during our foundation topic, we produced wonderful pieces of writing. We focused on the use of prepositions and appropriate adjectives to create a vivid picture of the interior of the house and all of its amazing features.

Design Technology

During this half term art was linked to our topic of the Celts. We started off the half term by learning about the materials that the Celts used to make certain objects. We also discovered which countries Celtic artefacts had been found in. Building on this, we attempted to replicate intricate Celtic patterns that had been found on a range of objects. We achieved this by using sketching techniques and focusing solely on the pattern as opposed to the object itself. The children were excited to discover that at the end of the half term they would be using the patterns they’d practised to make and decorate their own Celtic clay cross. Just before that, we carefully planned our designs on a paper cross template. We will be creating our Celtic crosses this week.


This half term during indoor P.E we have been exploring various ways to balance with our bodies. We began by practising different ways of travelling around the hall space. Following that, we experimented with using different parts of our body to create three and two-point balances. We learnt that a good balance must include extended limbs and a moment of stillness. We also revisited our understanding of our how to correctly perform a jump. We took all of these elements and created our own sequences, which we performed to the class. For the end of our focus, we brought out the apparatus and built them into our sequences.

Celts Day

Year 4 enjoyed Celt day where they immersed themselves in Celtic traditions and  learnt about how Celts lived.

We made a roundhouse using knowledge from the story of Finn MacCoul.

We practised weaving and playing Celtic games. “We played rota and it was so interesting to find out what Celtic children played.”

The children and teachers dressed up and used face paint to paint tribal patterns.

We made Celtic drums and added string and beads to a cardboard disk to make sounds.