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Year 3


Year 3

Emerald - Ms Cade

Sapphire - Mr Simmonds

Crystal  - Ms Sparks

Diamond -  Miss Smith


Welcome to Year 3


Hello and welcome back to all the Year 3 children.  We will use this page to keep you informed on the exciting activities and learning that will be happening throughout the year for your children.

We appreciate your support as parents at home to extend your child’s learning. 


We appreciate your support as parents at home to extend your child’s learning.

* read every night and help them complete their reading log

*learn their spellings

*Help them learn their times tables 2,5,10,3,4,6 and 8 off by heart by chanting and testing them

*Ask them about what they have been learning.

We look forward to an enjoyable year and working with you and your children.

 The Year 3 Team

Every Friday on Google Classroom we will provide the children with tasks to practise what they have been learning in class.  There will be some video clips to watch and links to times tables websites and things to look over to prepare them for their quizzes in class.  Please check every week.


Spring 2


Year 3 children had a demo lesson from our resident chef Daniel. Then many of our families got to take home Take and Make boxes from the Mayor of London scheme containing ingredients and recipe cards to recreate the dishes at home.

English –The children have worked really hard on writing explanations texts on the life cycles of birds.  They have also been enjoying working on Aesop’s fables.

French - The children have been working on colours and body parts and practising describing themselves and stating preferences.

Science –we continued our light topic and learnt how shadows are created and how they can be made bigger or smaller and lighter and darker.

We have also been learning about rocks and all the relevant vocabulary.  We have carried out a variety of investigations using our observation skills and sorting skills, finding out which rocks are permeable.  We have some budding scientists in year 3.

History-The Persia and Ancient Greek topic has some fantastic stories which have gripped the children.  Get them to tell you about them.

Geography-The children have been so inquisitive about our Agriculture topic where they have learnt about all the different farming and where our food and other products come from.

Art –painting work based on the Turkish artist Gizem Saka

Maths –we have been working on money –recognising coins and notes, converting into £ and p and finding change. 

End of year 2 = know the 2, 5 and 10 times tables off by heart in any order

End of year 3 = 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables off by heart in any order

Hope you all have a great break.  There is work available on Google Classroom to do over the holiday.

Spring 1


During the month of January we have reflected on the Roman God Janus who looked back on the previous year and looked forward to the new year, we also got a chance to think about the new year when we looked at the Chinese new year-the year of the tiger.  We have celebrated Martin Luther King Day and shown respect on the Holocaust memorial day.

English- Our work has been based on the picture book, The Willow Pattern.  We have completed some great work on using speech marks and dialogue in a story and letter writing.  We have also based our dance lessons on this story in PE and used the story in DT to create moving pages in a pop-up book using levers.

French - The children have been continuing to build on the numbers they are learning and learning about verbs.  They enjoyed playing Jacques a dit, which is a French version of Simon Says.

In Science we have started the light topic, learning about light sources and show shadows are formed.

Also in Science the children finished their work on the skeleton and muscles and carried out an investigation to see if children with longer legs jumped further than children with shorter legs.  We used a computer programme to help us make a scatter-graph to see this relationship.  We found that the length of legs didn’t always make a difference to the distance jumped.

In history we have been learning about the Indus Valley and how historians use sources of evidence.

In geography -We have been learning about settlements –hamlet, village, town and city and comparing the facilities.

Maths –we have been working on the written methods for multiplication and division.  They must continue to learn the tables off by heart to support this. 

End of year 2 =2,5 and 10 times tables

End of year 3= 2,5,10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

Hope you all have a good half term.  There is work available on Google Classroom and it would be good if you have a go.

Autumn Term 

Autumn 2 has gone so quickly and year 3 have continued to do some fantastic learning.  Well done to Diamond class who had 99% attendance for the month of November.

During the month of November we have been focusing on Anti-Bullying and having good discussions on what bullying is and isn’t and how we can be the ones that make a difference by having one kind word to say.  Each class has a Kindness Cup where classmates select someone who deserves the cup due to their kind actions.

French- the children have been working on months of the year, birthdays, hobbies. They are increasing their vocabulary to develop the conversations they are having.

Art -We have focused on the artist Vince Low and developed our drawing skill.

In Science we have been learning about nutrients. Our bodies get nutrients from foods we eat. We all need certain nutrients to give us energy, help us grow and keep us fit and well. We had to work together as a team and use our knowledge of the different nutrients that are found in foods to sort the various foods into their correct food groups. The five food groups are; carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables, dairy and alternatives and oils and spreads.

Geography -We have been learning about mountains in the world and in the UK.  We have been looking closely at maps and photographs and applying our knowledge.

Maths –the children have been learning the formal written methods for addition and subtraction.  We recently sent out a sheet showing you methods we have been teaching them so you can support them at home.  We are now focusing on multiplication and division which will continue in January. . We are learning to use our 4 times tables to help us work out the answers to the 8 times tables.

We would like to wish you a peaceful holiday and look forward to seeing you back in January.  There is work available on Google Classroom and it would be good for your child to practise learning the times tables so they know them off by heart.

Autumn 1

What an amazing start the children have had to year 3.  They have adapted so well to their new surroundings in the junior building.

October has been Black History month where the children have learnt about famous black people who have made a positive change including Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and a modern day civil activist Marcus Rashford.  The theme has been Proud to be.

The children have had a chance to reflect on what they are proud about themselves


In French they started learning simple greetings, numbers, days of the week and where they live. They are now at the stage where they are having conversations with each other.


In science the children have enjoyed the practical topic forces and magnets and have been doing quite a few investigations, predicting using their science knowledge and making conclusions from the evidence.



In DT the children have researched about boxes with hinges and designed and made their own.  In computing they have had the opportunity to be programmers and create animations using the Scratch programme.

Ancient Egypt

The children have been learning about the brilliant Ancient Egypt topic and learning the features of all civilisations.  They have worked hard learning new vocabulary in the rivers geography topic




Autumn 1

Throughout this half term we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians.   We are focussing on the Egyptians through our English, History.  In Science we are learning about forces and magnets.   In geography the focus is rivers.

This half term in maths we are focussing on place value and are looking at numbers up to 1000. We will compare, order and find more of less than a given number.

PE is basketball and stretching and curling in gymnastics.