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Year 3



Welcome to Year 3

Myself and the Year 3 team would like to start off by welcoming back all the children and parents after the summer holidays. Year 3 can be a scary year for many of our pupils; making the jump from key stage 1 to key stage 2 can be very frightening. The children have to get used to a new building, new teachers and a new routine but the Year 3 team have said how extremely proud they are of all the children who have proved that they are ready for this change. They have settled in well during the first week and we are looking forward to the rest of the year. All the teachers are here to help and are looking forward to meeting all of the parents and getting to know all of the children better over the next few weeks.


We have lots of exciting things planned over the next half term so keep an eye on the school website and check your child’s book bag for any letters about trips and parent meetings.


Dates for your diary:

  • Wednesday 13th September: Year 3 curriculum meeting.
  • Week beginning 18th September: Trip around our local area.
  • Week beginning 25th September: Parent meetings with your child’s class teachers.
  • Tuesday 26th September: Parents are invited to a reading morning.


Miss Koumbas and the Year 3 team.

Summer 1


This half term in our English lessons, we have been reading the story of Fantastic Mr Fox. We took inspiration from this famous book to research foxes and write our own non – chronological reports about them.

We started off by building up our vocabulary and each class built a fox’s den in their rooms.

Then we worked in our learning groups to find out what a non – chronological report is and do some collaborative writing.

Next, we had to takes notes on foxes and now we are ready to write.

Watch this space to see examples of our work coming soon.


Next, we will be learning fractions.

Watch this space to see examples of our work coming soon.


This half term in our Science lessons, we have been focusing on the topic

                                    ‘Animals Including Humans’.

We have started looking at what foods humans can eat in order to get the right amount of nutrition for their bodies. This occurs through a balanced diet, which we are focusing on.

During this lesson we started looking at the different food groups. From there we progressed to look at how much of each food group we need in order to have a balanced diet: 

Here is an example of work we did in class, based on planning a balanced meal. 

Watch this space to see examples of our work coming soon.