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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 page.


Year 3 is a very exciting year for your children. With the move from the Infant building to the Juniors, changes in routine and new learning opportunities, we work hard to ensure all children settle in comfortably to the new academic year.


We have an exciting range of topics to cover this year including trips and events to extend our learning. We do ask for your support at home with reading and homework and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.


Thank you!


The Year 3 team


Miss Schneehage - Diamond Class

Miss Milonas - Sapphire Class

Mr Hodges - Emerald Class

Ms Rahman - Crystal Class

Mrs Salih - Ruby Class

Welcome back to the last term of the school year!


Year 3 will have a very busy last term with plenty of fun and educational activities planned!

Our literacy and Art topic this half term is ...


Our Wonderful World!


We will be looking at sea creatures and wildlife through poetry, informative posters and 

campaign arguments in our literacy sessions.


The topic will also be carried into Art where we will be focusing on the beautiful paintings of Keith Siddle, different painting techniques and under sea scenes. 


We appreciate the consistent parental support of the children in Year 3 and would highly recommend extended reading on our topic while children are at home!


Thank you!


The Year Three Team


Understanding Plants

Throughout this term, we have been focusing our science lessons on the function and build up of plants. We have had several different opportunities to look at how water travels through the stem, the functions of roots as well as the life cycle of different plants. These lessons have involved great hands on activities such as the dissection of a flower, experiments involving coloured water and celery, as well as an ongoing investigation using small potted plants. 


We have worked very hard to understand the importance of each part of a plant and the vital role they play within the environment. 

The children and teachers are looking forward to continuing these exciting investigations throughout the next couple of weeks.


The Year Three Team

Underwater Shape Poems

Most of the year three classes were able to get together for a performance of our wonderful work during the second week of term. 

The children had spent the past two weeks working endlessly on their metaphors and similes, trying to describe sea creatures with plenty of detail and descriptive language. 

Our shape poems did not just look amazing, but also showcased the creative skills we have been working on.​

Some children from year three were able to perform and share their work with the rest of the year group during our poetry reading which was a great way to share and learn from one another.


The children and teachers are excited to continue basing our work on our wonderful world and sea creatures over the rest of the month.


The Year Three Team. 


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Volcanic Explosions


As part of our focus last half term, we have been busy making a paper-mache volcano in our Design and Technology sessions, which the children got to watch explode at the end of the term! 


The children have been very involved in every part of the production process, which made the final ending a rewarding and exciting session. All the hard work that had gone into designing, making, creating and painting paid off when the volcanoes exploded with red foamy lava. Thank you for all the resources that were brought in by parents and carers to make this possible!


The Year Three Team.

Re-enactment of Pompeii, 79 AD

Following on from our general topic of volcanoes and eruptions, we have been focusing our attention on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD during our literacy lessons. The children have found all the information and facts absolutely fascinating!

The children have had a chance to explore what it would be like to be alive in Pompeii during the devastating eruption through a diary entry, informative videos and a re-enactment of the events.


We have been very excited and involved in this topic. We all have developed a good understanding of the cause of the devastation, as well as the effect it had on the people of Pompeii at the time. 

This deeper understanding will be a great help next week, when we start to write our own diary entries in Literacy, where the children will be writing from the perspective of a child experiencing the eruption of Mount Vesuvius first hand. 


The Year Three Team


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Volcano Assembly

Diamond class recently planned and performed a great assembly based on the tragic events of Pompeii in 79AD. The students and adults involved worked very hard on their performance, singing and acting, which showed in their informative assembly. 


The children reenacted and spoke about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius from the point of view of a writer and philosopher named Pliny. Throughout the past two weeks, Diamond class have become absolute experts on the topic of volcanoes!


The assembly links into our literacy topic well, where we have recently started looking at the events of Pompeii. The children are learning scientific facts and information through explanation texts and will start to explore the topic in more detail through diary entries later on. 


It has been a fantastic topic so far, that has stretched across many subjects and learning focuses! 


The Year Three Team.


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Volcano Poetry

Over the past two weeks, our focus in literacy has been poetry. To celebrate the students' amazing poetry, we decided to give the students the opportunity to perform these fantastic volcano-themed poems in front of the whole year group. 


Everyone was excited to showcase their rhyming couplets, metaphors and uses of onomatopoeia with the other students and adults. 

Here are some videos and photos of students performing their fantastic poetry!

We will continue to focus our literacy lessons on volcanoes and exploding earth for the remainder of Summer Term 1, which will allow the children to explore the topic in detail. 


The Year Three Team!


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Spring Term


We hope you are well rested and prepared for another exciting term at Eldon. Your teachers and staff have a fantastic term of learning lined up for you, beginning with one of Roald Dahl's most famous children's stories, Fantastic Mr Fox.


A short extract from the book,


'Everytime Mr Fox steals a chicken from the farm, farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean grow wild with rage! They're the nastiest crooks in the valley, and they've concocted a cunning plan to dig him out of his hole once and for all. But it never occurs to them that Mr Fox has a fantastic plan of his own..'


What do the farmers have in store for Mr Fox?


What might Mr Fox's fantastic plan be?


We will be answering all of our questions over the upcoming weeks in Literacy.


We will even be using the book as a stimulus for our very own writing!


Check back shortly for an update on how we are getting on!


The Year 3 Team

Pirate Day

Arrrrrrr me hearties! Pirate day was a 'sailing' success in Year 3! We began in our own classes to carry out pirate day activities as part of a whole day rotation. We made flags, pirate maps, created pirate board games and even sung and danced like pirates! Unfortunately, we couldn't behave like pirates so we had to make sure that bad behaviour was kept strictly to our activities. All children made a fantastic effort with this dress up day. Thank you to all the children and parents for their outstanding effort!


In Year 3, our writing focus is story writing. To aid us in our writing we began by telling our stories orally. By telling our stories to the class we were able to expand on our stories and explore the flow of story telling in practice. We used the theory of a story journey which broke our story up into an introduction, a build up, a problem, resolution and an ending. This structured but carefully planned approach has worked wonders so far! Have a look at some of our story telling pictures below!

World Book Day

In Year 3 this week we celebrated World Book Day! We came in dressed as our favourite book characters for the whole day. From Harry Potter to Sleeping Beauty, we saw a huge range of different outfits. We focussed on looking at our favourite stories and our teachers shared their childhood memories of reading too! It was a fantastic day and a great dress up turn out for Year 3.

See what the rest of Eldon did for Book Week by clicking on the link below.

Hobgoblin Theatre


As a stimulus for book week this week a theatre production company were invited to Eldon to perform one of their shows, 'The Greatest Fairy Tale Ever Told'.


It was a gripping performance from start to finish and the 3 extremely talented actors and actresses took on the roles of our fairy tale favourites. From the Three Little Pigs to Sleeping Beauty, the performers showed us each different part of the story through the eyes of each character. The Evil Queen had set out to ruin fairy tale land and a group of Three Little Pigs decided that they wanted to fairy tale land to return to it's normal happy self.


Jack climbed the beanstalk, Cinderella found her prince and Goldilocks found things 'just right'. It was a fantastic performance that provided us with inspiration for book week and also many costume ideas for this Friday's character dress up day.


A big thank you to Hobgoblin theatre company!

Mosque Visit


Before half term, Year 3 took a visit to a local Mosque. We travelled on foot and by bus very sensibly to be warmly welcomed by the Imam of the Mosque.


We began in the main hall, where we were shown the features of the Mosque and had a chance to ask lots of questions. The Iman was extremely patient and provided fantastic answers to all of them before showing us to the Wudu room.


The Wudu room was great to see and gave us a good insight into the washing procedure of a Muslim before pray. Although we listened carefully to the Imam throughout this part of the tour, we became very distracted by the warmth of our toes from the under floor heating!


We had a great trip and learnt lots about Islam to support our RE topic in class. We also received treats from the Mosque for our fantastic behaviour and listening skills!

Boccia comes to Eldon


This week at Eldon we have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to play the sport of Boccia during our PE session.


Boccia is a game that is very similar to bowls and it is played at local, national and international levels. Boccia was part of the Paralympics in London in 2012 and is increasing in popularity each year.


Here are some pictures from the PE session! All of the children listened carefully to the rules of Boccia before beginning to play. Once we were playing, one team even managed to get 15 points!


Well done Sapphire class!

Role on the wall


In Year 3, we are now moving on to writing a character description of Fantastic Mr Fox. After a fantastic outcome from last week's Boggis descriptions we are ready to now describe the main character in the story!


In today's lesson, we used a role on the wall. We took a picture of Fantastic Mr Fox and used post-it notes to describe all of his characteristics. We wrote in full sentences and stuck them all over the picture. We will use these sentences to help us when writing our character descriptions and it will prove to be a fantastic resource.


We used a strict colour scheme to make sure it would look great in our books!


We used:

Red post-it notes to describe his appearance.

Green  post-it notes to describes his likes.

Blue post-it notes to describe his dislikes.


Here are some pictures of the end product!

Boggis visits Eldon


In Literacy this week we have been focussing on character descriptions. We were able to write about the appearance of Boggis just by looking at pictures of him but the personality of Boggis was a tougher task!


To help us with our writing, Mr Mason kindly volunteered to take on a daring transformation. He became Boggis!


As quick as a flash, out went Mr Mason, and in came a very rude farmer!


Boggis' rude manners and outrageous manners made quite a stir in Sapphire class! Children were shocked that Mr Mason could ever behave in this way!


This hot seating exercise proved to be a fantastic stimulus for our writing. We used post it notes to record what we had found out about Boggis' personality and stuck them into our Literacy book. We then combined our knowledge of both Boggis' apperance and personality to create a high quality, well planned piece of writing.


Next week, we will be writing character descriptions of Fantastic Mr Fox, Year 3 are wondering whether Mr Mason would like that transformation too!





After reading the story of Fantastic Mr Fox we began researching real foxes! As we will be writing a non-chronological report on foxes very soon, we used the principles of poster design to share all that we had learnt so far!


We began by adding colourful headings and subheading that stood out for the reader. We also included key information using bullet point notes, full sentences and short, did you know facts.


Finally, we included our very own drawings of foxes to increase the effectiveness of our posters. We discovered some very talented artists in year 3 today. They even put our teachers efforts to shame!


Check out some of our poster examples below!

Autumn Term


Instruction Texts

For the next two weeks we will be focussing on instruction texts in Literacy. To begin our topic, we identified the features of an instruction text. We looked out for imperative verbs, sub headings, numbered steps and many other features. We worked together in small groups to highlight the features on two different examples. We will be using what we have learnt later in the week when we write our own instructions for waking up the stone lion in Trafalgar Square.

Emerald Class Assembly

This week, it was the turn of Emerald class to perform their class assembly. Emerald class took us on a fantastic tour of London. They shared lots of important information on the landmarks of London while wearing some very fancy outfits. Fluorescent jackets and the Queen wearing pyjamas were two main examples! The children performed very well and the performance was well received. Well done Emerald Class!

Chronological Order

This week in Year 3 we have been focussing on chronological order and have focussed on this within speaking and listening activities. In Literacy, we became bus tour operators of an open top sight seeing bus! We went to our tables to create our speeches, rehearsed as a group and came to the front to perform.


We aimed to take the audience on a tour of London, stopping at each of the landmarks. We used information and knowledge that we had learnt through our topic to share with the audience and tried to engage them by asking questions that needed a response.


We had great fun performing in groups and have a short video to show you on what we got up to!

Bus Tour

Still image for this video


This half term we are looking at our local area in Geography. To make sure we have a fantastic understanding of our local area and to gain an insight into the people and the businesses of the local area we went on a trip to Edmonton Green. While on our trip we used our skills learnt through Geography to follow a map. We used the map to plan a route to Edmonton Green and used our maps while walking to make sure we were travelling in the right direction. While walking, we paid special attention to the types of businesses that we passed. Were they restaurants? Fast food outlets? Hairdressers? Supermarkets? We discussed all of these things and it helped us gain a deeper understanding of the local area. We also noted the ways that people travelled in Edmonton. We saw lots of people walking and travelling by bus, but we also saw people entering the train station to travel further afar. All in all, we learnt a lot from our trip that will help us when studying our local area in Geography.

Black History Week

This Week has been our Black History focus week.

In Year 3 we wanted to incorporate this focus into our Literacy and also into our foundation subjects.

In Literacy we learnt about the folk tale, Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and the Tar Baby. The tales of Joel Chandler Harris were his own retellings of the tales he had been told from African American slaves when he was young. Brer Fox, who was a symbol of hope to the slaves, was the underdog who always came out on top due to his persistence, courage and trickery.

Alongside our Literacy focus we also looked at carnival and the history of carnival. We began by learning about what carnival is and why it is important to people across the world. We then looked at examples of carnivals through pictures and videos and recorded what interesting things we noticed. We also learnt about why we should be tolerant to others and open to different cultures and beliefs.

As a year group we thought it would be a fantastic idea to have our very own carnival in school! We made masks, created posters for advertisement and had our very own carnival in school with lots of dancing and music.

We had a fantastic week of learning in Year 3 for Black History Week.