Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Year 2

Summer Term

This term in year 2 we have been learning about Animals.


In Science we have been learning about the habitats that animals live in. We went on a trip to the Environmental Centre and saw lots of different habitats and we were able to see and touch spiders and snakes!


In RE we are learning about the Buddhist festival Wesak.

Making owls and disecting owl pellets

Palm House Envionmental Centre

Click the link above for more photos of our trip.


Spring Term

This term in Year 2 we will be learning facts about Dinosaurs and making our own dinosaurs. We will be going to the Natural History Musuem as part of our learning in Topic for the term.


Our Science topic is The Apprentice Gardener - we will be planting and finding out about what happens to a seed by making predictions and recording our observations.


In Religious Education we will be learning about the month of Ramadan and the role it plays in the faith of Islam.



Autumn Term

Our topic was the Great Fire of London - We learnt what London was like during the time of the Great Fire. We went on a trip to the Museum of London to learn more about it.

We made houses from the time of the Great Fire of London and we set them on fire at the end!


In Science our topic was Materials. We learnt about the properties of different materials and what uses they would be good for.


In RE we learnt what the Hannukah festival means to Jewish people and how they celebrate it.



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