Eldon Primary School

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Year 2

The Year 2 teachers are:


The Year 2 teachers are:


Ms Rawlinson – Assistant Head & KS1 Phase Leader

Ms Scully (Year 2 Leader) & Mr Mason – Panther Class

Miss Wright – Lion Class

Ms Baverstock – Leopard Class

Miss Boateng & Ms James – Jaguar Class


The Year 2 staff are really looking forward to working with all parents and carers to ensure our children settle back into school well.


Summer Term

The summer is always an exciting term for Year 2 and this year has been no exception. In maths, children have been grabbing their metre sticks and measuring the school including our hall. They have also been learning about shape and thinking about symmetry. We even spotted all of the shapes in our lovely old building.

In English, the teachers were very proud of the entire year group as they produced some excellent stories about a character on a beach discovering a bottle full of secrets. Children have been using a range of exciting adjectives to bring their stories to life.

In Geography, we have been exploring our local area of Edmonton and learning about what we have in common with other towns in the UK. We will contrast this by learning about a town in Africa.

For history this term, we have been learning about The Stone Age. The children discovered that people in the Stone Age were nomadic hunter-gatherers, travelling around the countryside on the hunt for food. Despite this being a time before writing, early humans learnt to be very inventive and created highly effective tools, made of flint, to hunt and kill animals. One of our teachers discovered that these skills have almost been lost in the mists of time after making a spear during an ancient skills course. Ms Baverstock shared her Stone Age spear with all the children so they could learn just how difficult they were to make!


Year 2 have been so happy to return to school and continue our learning.

We are so pleased with how the children have settled back into class and how hard they have worked.

In English, we have continued to look at the story of Katie in London and describe how the characters felt in the story at seeing the lion transform into a real lion. We moved on to describe the lion in detail looking at adjectives to describe how he looked as a statue and then when he came to life. In maths, the children have been looking at fractions and understanding how we spilt numbers, shapes and objects into equal parts. The children explored their cutting, peeling, slicing and dicing skills when we made our healthy vegetable soups in D&T.

We have hope restful holiday and we ask if you could please make sure your children are reading and practising their handwriting daily.



Autumn 1

During Autumn 1, the children will learn to retell stories and focus on the key vocabulary in the story. We will focus on grammar elements of the story and use adjectives to describe nouns. We will use this to write a full sentences using a capital letter and a full stop and ensuring we are forming our letters correctly. Please practise handwriting and listen to your children read daily.

In maths, we will understand how to represent numbers in different ways using manipulatives such as: straws, numicon and dienes. The children will partition numbers using a part-whole model looking at how many tens and ones the number shows. All children in year two need to count forwards and backwards from any number up to 100.

Our topic in History will be The Great Fire of London. The children will learn all the facts and retell the story through reading extracts from Samuel Pepys diary.

On Friday afternoons, we will be setting work on Google Classroom for the children to complete at home. Here you will also find assemblies, Music and PE activities. We will be showing the children in school how to complete tasks and how to upload work. If you need any support or guidance with uploading work, we will help you. 

Please check our area on the website and Google Classroom for regular updates. If you have any questions about the learning taking place this half term, please speak to your child’s class teacher.