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Year 2

Welcome Back

The year 2 team would like to take this opportunity to welcome back all the children and parents. We have been very busy, in the last few weeks, settling the children down into their new classes. It has been great getting to know all the children and dive into our learning.


The Year 2 teachers are...

Miss Scully - Panther Class

Miss Wright - Lion Class

Miss Boateng and Mrs Christodoulou - Tiger Class

Miss Baverstock - Leopard Class

Miss Smith and M/s James - Jaguar Class


We have been studying narratives in English and have been retelling the story of Duffy and The Runaway Train. The children have been exploring the story through speaking and listening and using pictures as prompts. We are recapping using capital letters and full stops. It would be amazing if you could also practise these sentences at home and remind children of the rules.


In maths we have been focusing on place value and representing numbers in different ways. The children are learning to read and write numbers up to 100 and ordering them.


Parents evening will take place in autumn 2 but please feel free to speak to class teachers to find out how your children are getting on.


Thank you

Year 2 Team.

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A song about Coronavirus

Please click on the link below to listen to a song by Mr Logan

School Readers Storytime

Please click on the links below to listen to some stories:

This is our House-Michael Rosen

One is a snail,ten is a crab-April Pulley Sayre

The Ravenous Beast-Niamh Sharkey

Bringing Down the Moon-Jonathan Emmett

Into the Forest-Anthony Browne

Baby Brains-Simon James

Science Marble Run Competition

A message from Place2Be

Hi everyone,

As you know, there is currently a virus called Coronavirus which many people around the world are catching. People are talking about it and saying different things, and this can be very confusing for everyone. This is an unusual time for all of us and many families are now adapting their normal routines and staying at home in order to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

People have different feelings about what is going on at the moment. Some people are feeling sad, some are worried, some are angry as lots of things are changing. We all have different feelings! Nobody’s feelings are right or wrong, and it is important that you talk about how you feel.

It is important that while you are at home, take responsibility (do what you can to help around the home); show respect (listen to others in your home); be persistent (especially if you’re finding something tricky), show compassion (be kind to each other and yourself); stay active (try and do a daily exercise) and most of all – have some fun!

And one message for the grown-ups, please remember that you are not alone! Everyone at school are here for you and willing to help. You can contact me on

I’m missing you all very much and looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible.


Yasmin, Place2Be

The Big List of Children's Book Authors doing online read alouds and activites

Year 2  update

This last term the children were busy learning about our monarch Queen Elizabeth II. They had enjoyed writing letters to Ms Flynn about a party they would like to plan for The Queen and writing fact files about her. To finish off our unit of work we wrote story settings based on a forest.


In maths, the children were understanding fractions of shape and quantities and learning about money. We even had a school shop to help them spend their money and understand how much change they would receive.


As part of our Religious Education lessons, we went to the church to learn about baptism in Christianity. The children were an asset and showed great respect when listing to Reverend Tina. They demonstrated excellent maturity and asked some very interesting questions.

Over the term, we have been looking at the history of the royal family and linking it back to Elizabeth I. Children have been looking at what changes happened during this period of time and what made this era known as the ‘Golden Age’.


This half term in English, we have been reading Katie in London and exploring how the characters feel in the book. We are now focusing on description of a character. Our descriptions are based on what the lion looks like and how he moves. So far, the children are being quite creative and are really using their imaginations to help build an interesting description.


In maths, we looked at measures and how to measure length and high. Children enjoyed measuring different items and then looked at items on a scale to read measurements. We have moved onto learning to tell the time. Children have been reading analogue clocks and using language such as: o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. To challenge children further we have started to read clocks with five minute intervals.


In D&T, we are looking at what foods are healthy and how we can make a healthy soup. We have carried out taste tests and identified what vegetables we like and dislike. We have also had the chance to practise our peeling, grating,

chopping and dicing skills.



Linking to our history unit, in Art, children have been researching and using designs from the Elizabethan period to create an embellishment cloth.

As part of our geography unit, we are writing fact files about all the different continents. Children have been using atlases to research.


To support Comic Relief – Red Nose Day the children dressed up in red and completed a dance

Autumn Term

During the autumn term, we will be studying The Great Fire of London and how London has changed from 1666 until now. The children will learn about how history is the study of events that have occurred in the past. We would love for you to discuss your children’s lives and events that they have encountered in their very few years.

The Great Fire of London


In art we have been practising our brush strokes and exploring how to create patterns. We will use these different strokes to create our own landscape painting.                                                       








In science, we have been studying plants and understanding when we need to plant seeds. We are learning that different seeds need to be planted during different seasons. In preparation for autumn we have been clearing the flower beds ready to plant bulbs which will grow in spring.