Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Year 2

We look forward to working with all parents and children this year.


There are 5 teachers:

Miss Rawlinson – Snake Class / Achievement year leader

Mrs Brown – Jaguar Class / Curriculum lead

Mr Sandner - Hedgehog Class / Curriculum lead

Ms Jones - Chameleon Class

Miss Craig - Bear Class


We are committed to providing quality education for children to reach their full potential and achieve success.  We are here to ensure all children feel valued and secure in their classes. We want Year 2 to be a friendly, welcoming year group where the children feel happy and safe.

We will be using the indoor and outdoor area to learn.  Children will work as part of a small group and as part of a whole class. We plan for our children’s learning through topics. We are currently learning about Animals. We are having a visit from Paradise Wildlife Park so we can see a range of animals.  In Science we are learning about habitats. In maths we are learning about addition, subtraction and place value.

Please sign your children’s home reading books and read the books with them.

Also make sure that your children are wearing the correct school uniform and ensure that all items are labelled.


Mrs Brown.

Monthly Maths Challenge

Year 2 SPAG July 2016


Write one word to complete the sentence in the past tense.

I ____ two cheeseburgers at McDonald’s yesterday.


Add a suffix to the word kick to complete this sentence.

The boys are kick___ the football.


Find the adverb in this sentence.

She ran quickly because she was late for school.


Add one comma to the sentence below in the correct place.

The school has boys girls and teachers.


Write the words could not as one word using an apostrophe.

She ________ finish the SPAG test.



We had such an amazing trip to Frinton-on-the-Sea last week. Our teachers told us that since we had been working so hard this year, we would be able to go on this special year-end trip. We were all very excited! First, we boarded a large coach which had large, soft seats. The trip went quickly and before we know it, we were there! We ate our lunches and then enthusiastically walked to the beach and the sea. What fun we had! The tide was low so we were able to safely wade in it. It felt cool, yet refreshing. We also built huge sand castles and played with some beach balls. Soon, our teachers said it was time to leave. I felt really sad that we had to leave such a beautiful place.



Yesterday, we went on an exciting trip to Frinton-on-the-Sea as it is the end of our school year. I felt very excited as we drove along the motorways. We saw some beautiful horses on route and even a giant, fake dinosaur! When we arrived, we cheered loudly. We quickly strolled down to the beach. The water looked calm and peaceful. I was a bit scared but then realised how much fun it was to wade in it. Some children were playing football and others were making things with their spades. Our teachers called out and suddenly they were handing out ice-lollies! Sadly, the day came to an end and it was time to go home. I really want to return to Frinton again as it is such a beautiful spot.


Year 2 has been writing about our Queen as we prepare for her birthday celebrations at our school.

We have been talking about our Queen as we prepare for her birthday celebrations at our school. Queen Elizabeth is now the longest ever monarch to reign over us. She became our queen on the 6th February 1952. Did you know that she is the Head of State of the United Kingdom? One important role she has as our head of state is to open up a new parliamentary session. The Queen always makes sure that she does not make decisions such as laws as that’s the job of the elected government led by Prime Minister David Cameron. However, she does meet regularly with the Prime Minister and they discuss current event and issues.

Blue group


Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II, who has worked tirelessly for all of us over many decades! Our Queen married Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh in 1947. They have had four children:  Charles, Prince of Wales; Anne, Princess Royal; Andrew, Duke of York and Edward, Earl of Wessex. Prince Charles will one day become our future King. Did you know that Princess Elizabeth first met Prince Philip when she was only thirteen? Our Queen loves animals, especially dogs called corgis. Her very first corgi was called Dookie and she got him in 1933. She also likes horses and is a keen rider.

Red group


See all the photos and videos from our celebration in the Gallery.

The Day the Crayons Quit

Year 2 has been busy writing short character descriptions about the individual crayons in this story. Here are some examples of these descriptions that we have written in Summer 2:


The light Blue crayon is short and stubby, however he always stands in an upright position. He’s proud that his colour has not faded despite the passage of time. He’s angry however that Duncan insists on using this particular colour time after time. It makes him feel rather exhausted and he would really like a break. – Eunice


The bright Red crayon is keen to stand out amongst his friends. Red is the colour of fire and so he is not timid. Sometimes, Duncan forgets to use him and he shouts loudly to get his attention. – Bruno


The shiny Green crayon loves to be used, especially when Duncan draws tall trees and thick grass. He wants to be Duncan’s favourite colour and is a little jealous that he prefers blue to him. - Marsida


Summer 1

After a relaxing holiday, Year 2 has been working hard on our new topic of Dinosaurs. We went on a fact-finding hunt about dinosaurs and then wrote about our new new-found knowledge.


A dinosaur was a reptile. Reptiles are animals with scaly skin. They have a long snout, sharp claws and thick powerful tails. Some dinosaurs were as large as a big house, however some dinosaurs were as small as a chicken. 



Dinosaurs were animals that lived millions of years ago, long before there were any people. They are now extinct. This word means that there are no longer any dinosaurs living on our earth.



A lot of dinosaurs ate plants. These dinosaurs were called herbivores. Some dinosaurs were meat eaters and these were called carnivores. They ate snakes and smaller dinosaurs. Many dinosaurs were very fast so they could catch their prey.



Harry and the Dinosaurs

We have been busy reading Harry and the Dinosaurs and have extended our learning by writing a book review about this book. Here is a sample of some of the reviews we've written this week together as a year group:


Harry and his Bucketful of dinosaurs

We read the story ‘Harry and his Bucketful of dinosaurs.  Have you read this story?  I like this book because I also like dinosaurs just like Harry.  I think that Harry is a good character because he looks after his dinosaurs and is very kind. My favourite part of the story is when Harry finds all of his dinosaurs. Which part of the story is your favourite?

Harry is a small boy who looks after his dinosaurs carefully and fixes them when they are broken. Harry has scruffy brown hair and a smiley face. He is often wearing a red jumper and light blue jeans. Harry loves his dinosaurs but he doesn’t like it when he loses them.  What a thoughtful boy Harry is!

The story is about a boy called Harry who finds a box of broken dinosaurs in the dusty attic. He fixes, unbends and washes all of the dinosaurs. He keeps all of the dinosaurs in a bucket so he doesn’t lose them. Harry takes his dinosaurs everywhere with him but one day he loses his dinosaurs. When Harry finds the dinosaurs he said “Come here my dinosaurs!” All of the dinosaurs come to Harry and he is very happy because he has found all of his dinosaurs.

What a good book it is!


My favourite book is Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs. I like this book because it makes me smile. Harry is my favourite character because he looks after his dinosaurs and is very kind. Who is your favourite character?


Harry looks after his dinosaurs carefully. Harry has scruffy brown hair and a smiley face. Harry loves his dinosaurs but he doesn’t like it when he loses them.


The story is about a boy called Harry who finds a box of broken dinosaurs in the dusty attic. He keeps all of the dinosaurs in a bucket so he doesn’t loose them. Harry takes his dinosaurs everywhere with him but one day he loses his dinosaurs.  Harry asks ‘‘Where are my dinosaurs?” Thankfully he finds them at the train station.​



Year 2 Trip to the Natural History Museum

Year 2 had an exciting trip to the Natural History museum. We spent some time writing about our experiences.


We had a wonderful trip to the Natural History museum. Our school went to the museum as we’ve been studying dinosaurs. We were able to see the T-Rex, the Diplodocus and the Stegosaurus. My favourite part was when we entered the building and we saw an enormous T-Rex! Its tail was as long an aeroplane. I really want to go back soon as it’s an exciting spot.



The other day, we were able to go the Natural History museum.  We spent time examining life-size models of dinosaurs. Did you know that dinosaurs became extinct some 65 million years ago? There was an asteroid that smashed into the earth causing the weather to change. The climate became cooler and things became awful for these reptiles. As a result, these prehistoric creatures died out. Jurassic crocodiles survived the extinction however as they were able to still find food in the water. It’s an amazing place and I hope our school can go again in the near future.


Attendance Reward

Congratulations to all the children in Hedgehog Class who won the highest attendance this term. We earned an amazing day out at Kidzania as a result of our outstanding attendance! Our class enjoyed working in an airport, chocolate factory, radio station, fire station, hospital, beauty salon and many other job roles. At the end of our shift we were paid in Kidzania money which we could spend. We had fun spending our money in the shop, going rock climbing, getting tattoos and much more! We all had a great day out.


Some children wrote about their day.


I had a great time at Kidzania. It was exciting sitting on the big coach with my friends and travelling to Westfield Centre. London is such a a big place! As soon as we arrived, we were given a watch band to track our movements inside Kidzania. We were all very excited! We were given 50 Kidzanian dollars and we were told we could earn even more! First, I made some cholocate candy at the Wall's factory. It tasted delicious and was so gooey! Next, I dressed up as a member of the fire brigade and rode on the fire engine. That was a lot of fun. Finally, I dressed up as an airline pilot. I thought I looked really smart. We were all a little sad when it was time to leave to come back to school but it had been a great day.



Our teacher told us that our class had won a trip to Kidzania because of our outstanding attendance. Great news! First, we travelled across London on a comfortable coach. We arrived at Westfield Centre and were given 50 Kidzanian dollars. Wow! However, we were told that we would be fined 2 dollars if we ran inside. There were so many activities to choose from. I really enjoyed making a health bar at the Eat Natural store. It also tasted great! The best part of the day was when we could go shopping at the store and spend our Kidzanian money. I was really sorry to leave.


Gamelan Workshop

Year 2 spent an exciting day developing our musical skills at a recent Gamelan workshop. We worked closely with Mrs Smart, our music teacher, to become successful musicians during this day.

World Book Day


We spent an exciting day dressing up and discussing our favourite characters on World Book Day. Children wrote about their favourite books and shared them with our school.


"I love reading The Gruffalo. It is a funny story and I like finding out what happens at the end of this story." Mumtaz


"My favourite book is Paddington Bear. It is exciting to read about the bear's long journey." Abdullah


"My favourite book is Three Billy Goat's Gruff. The goats are brave when they try and cross the bridge." Alex


"I really like Spiderman books. Spiderman always wins and makes everything better." Andrew


"I like to read Roald Dahl books from my reading corner. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my favourite book." Melisa

Scientific exploration with Tim Peake!


We had a special assembly in which we gave special mention to rockets built by Year 2 children. These children were awarded a certificate along with an actual rocket that can be launched hundreds of feet into the air! Children were very enthusiastic about the rockets that these children had built. 


Year 2 was also excited to find out that we will growing some seeds in the near future that Tim Peake has brought back from the International Space Station. We will be planting the seeds and observing whether outer space has changed the seeds in any way. We will be recording the results in a table and then writing to Tim Peake to inform him of our results. 

At Eldon, we take pride in taking care of our environment. What can you do to help protect our environment at our school?

Spring 1

This term our topic is Once Upon a Time. We have read the stories Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We used these stories to help us write our own stories. We have also learnt how to write in the past tense and adding the suffix -ed. 


In Science we have continued to learn about materials. We thought about which materials would be suitable for different objects and used scientific vocabulary to explain why. 


In RE we have been learning about Ramadan. We thought about how Muslim people prepare for Ramadan and how we prepare for a special time. 

In recognition of British astronaut, Tim Peake, Year 2 has been designing and making a selection of rockets.

We have also been busy thinking of questions we would like to ask Tim Peake while he is on the International Space Station.


  • "Is it dangerous to live in space?" Mumtaz, Hedgehog class.
  • "Is there life in space?" Jayda, Chameleon class.
  • "Why did you want to go into space?" Jayden, Bear class.
  • "What is an astronaut?" James, Jaguar class.
  • "Have we gone to the moon?" Bruno, Snake class.


Year 2 hopes to speak in the near future to Tim Peake and we hope to ask him these questions. Meanwhile, we wish him the very best whilst he continues to explore our universe.

Chameleon Class Assembly

The children are studying traditional tales and acted out 'Little Red Ridding Hood and sang a rap version of the story.




Autumn 2



We have been learning about the Great Fire of London and information texts. We discovered that the fire began in Pudding Lane in a baker’s shop and lasted for several days. We read passages from the diary of Samuel Pepys to understand the events during this time. We then worked with a partner to write an information text which explained the Great Fire in detail. We enjoyed presenting our work to our class for some peer assessment.

During this time, a representative came from the London Fire Brigade to help us learn about fire safety.


We have been learning about the place value of 2 digit numbers. We have also been adding and subtracting numbers. We have been having a lot of fun writing our own word problems using key vocabulary.


Our new unit is on Materials. We have been busy creating a movement sequence using squashing, stretching, bending and twisting actions. We have also been using Venn diagrams to sort materials according to whether they can be stretched, bent or twisted. We are also learning to test materials to see whether they are flexible, rigid, stretchy, squashy, elastic or stiff.

Fire Safety Visit

Autumn 1



This term in science we have been learning about habitats. We looked around the school garden to see the animals and plants that live in that habitat.


This term our topic has been animals. We have been learnt lots of facts about animals and wrote a report about safari animals. We have been learning how to write sentences with capital letters and full stops. Paradise Wildlife Park came to visit and we saw a tenrec, lizard and an owl.

Black History Week

During Black History Week we learnt about Rosa Parks and tolerance. We split into different classes and each did a different activity. This involved poetry, food, art, geography and drama. At the end of the week we showed the rest of the year what we had been learning.