Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Year 1

Mrs. Remy is our Assistant Head & KS1 Phase Leader


The Year 1 classes are named after flowers.


The Year One Teachers are:


Mr. Chapman - Bluebell Class

Miss. Cunningham – Sunflower Class

Miss Malai - Rose Class

Miss. C Tamanchieviez - Poppy Class



The Year 1 teachers are really looking forward to working with the new parents and children this year. So far we have had an excellent start back and are really looking forward to the exciting learning that will be taking place! 

Again, practising maths skills at home will help with the work done in school. If you need any ideas or guidance the teachers will be happy to help.

Please check our Year 1 area on the website and Google Classroom for regular updates. If you have any questions about the learning taking place this half term, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Thank you

The Year 1 Team   


Summer 1


In Year 1, we have been so busy with our learning this half term!

In maths we have been be learning all about fractions. We used counters to help us find a half and a quarter of different numbers. 


We have been trying so hard with our reading during Daily Reading and in our phonics sessions. We even came to school in our pyjamas and read lots of stories.


In English, we have looked at different traditional tales, including ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have been retelling these stories and including lots of adjectives to make our sentences really interesting.

We have been having lots of fun in art as we have been making a sculpture based on the work of Gill Townsley. We used playdough and doweling to make our sculpture.


In geography, we went on a walk using our maps. We planned the route before we went. On our walk we recorded the physical and human features in Edmonton.

Spring 2

Year 1 have had another great half-term and it has been a busy one!

We have been working hard in all of our subjects.

In Design and Technology we have been making hand puppets. We having been working on our sewing skills to join two pieces of materials together.


In science we have been looking at materials and animals that hibernate. We have also been on a spring walk to look at seasonal changes. We found that spring is a very different season compared to winter. We used a checklist to tick off the things we saw. This included buds on the trees, flowers starting to grow and different types of flowers that begin to grow in spring time such as daffodils and blossom on the trees.

In maths, we have been continuing to learn and use new vocabulary correctly. We measured the capacity of different containers using beakers and cups. Once we had measured the capacity of the containers, we described the volume using the key words we have learnt – empty, nearly empty, nearly full and full.   

We hope everyone has a well-deserved, restful break and we look forward to seeing everyone again in the summer term.

Spring 1


This half-term has been a busy one for us in Year 1. In 6 short weeks we have managed to fit in a lot of learning! 

We have been incredibly focused in English where we have been reading books like Beegu and The Man on the Moon. We have really enjoyed listening to, reading and writing about these stories. We have been learning more about un- words and how they can change the meaning of words. We have continued to work on using full stops, finger spaces and capital letters correctly in our writing. This is something that we would like the children to practise at home as well. We had a very exciting day in Year 1 when Beegu’s spaceship crash-landed in the playground!


In Maths we have been looking at building numbers, focussing on tens and ones. We have been practising counting in 10s as well. For example, we now know that there are 4 lots of ten in 40. We will continue to work on place value, addition and subtraction after the break.


In Science we have been looking at materials and what different materials objects are made from. This has meant we have had to be scientists in order to identify and classify different materials by learning the different names. For example, wood, metal, plastic, glass and rock etc. We have really enjoyed expanding our vocabulary and using new words correctly in a sentence. 


We have enjoyed getting creative in Art where we have been making collages in the style of Mathew Cussick. Look at some of our amazing pieces in the photos. We have been working on our artistic skills of layering and overlapping. We used maps to create collages of fruit. 


Geography has been really fun this half term. We have been learning about the 4 countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities - ask us what the 4 countries and capital cities are and we will tell you what we have learnt. 


History has been very interesting too! We have been learning about important people from the past and why they are remembered for the significant things they have done. We have learnt about Neil Armstrong. Ask us what he did and why he is remembered? We are looking forward to learning more about different individuals next half term in our Explorers unit of work. 


As always, there is plenty of work on Google Classroom to be getting on with and videos to watch. We also ask that you make an effort to read the Home Reading Books with your children and to sign reading logs to show this is happening.


Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely half-term break.

Last Half Term 

Year 1 have had another great term! We have really enjoyed learning about animals in Science. We have been doing some fantastic writing in our English lessons where we have been telling our teachers lots of fun facts about the animals we have been looking at.

In RE we have been learning about Advent and Christmas. We enjoyed our visit to St Peter’s Church where we got to meet Rev. Tina and learn more about Advent wreaths and the Christmas story.

Also, we have been having fun in Design and Technology making our own sandwiches. We chose healthy fillings to put inside our sandwiches.

Going on our Winter Walk in Science was also something we enjoyed doing. We looked at the weather and discussed the seasons. In Geography, we have been doing lots of map work where we have had to give and follow directions to create our own maps of the classroom and the school grounds.

The boys and girls have done an amazing job learning about the reptiles, birds and fish. We have been spending lots of time making our displays about the animals and exploring their bodies.

Poppy Class have enjoyed learning in DT more about how to keep our body healthy and to choose healthy food.

We hope everyone has a fantastic break and we look forward to seeing you all again in January 2022!

Autumn Term



In science we have been learning about our senses. We have been doing lots of experiments which helped us to learn more about our senses. We especially liked the taste test where we got to taste different things to classify whether they were sweet, sour or salty.


In English we have been reading some great stories like The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Oi Frog. We have enjoyed listening to these stories being read to us and then doing some writing based on them.

Year 1 Victorian Day 

In history, we have been learning about school in Victorian times. We have been looking at how school was different in the past compared to how it is now.

To help bring our learning to life we had a visit from the Rainbow Theatre. Here are some pictures from the performance and what we learnt. 

Year 1 Victorian Day Pictures