Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


We look forward to working with all parents and children this year. There are 5 teachers:

Mrs. Sofroniou – Sunflower Class/ Achievement year leader

Miss. Smith – Crocus Class/ Curriculum lead

Miss. Leigh  - Violet Class/ Curriculum lead

Ms. Vasiliou - Blackberry Class

Miss. Sullivan - Orchid Class

We are committed to providing quality education for children to reach their full potential and achieve success.  We are here to ensure all children feel valued and secure in their classes. We want Year 1 to be a friendly, welcoming year group where the children feel happy and safe.

We will be using the indoor and outdoor area to learn.  Children will work as part of a small group and as part of a whole class. We plan for our children’s learning through topics. We are currently learning about Ourselves. We will go to the cinema, church, the fire station, the library, the pet shop and sweet shops.

Please sign your children’s home reading books and read the books with them.

Also make sure that your children are wearing the correct school uniform and ensure that all items are labelled.


Miss Smith.


Come read with me!

We would like it if you would come in to read with your child, during our story time.

You do not have to come in every week!




Date: Wednesdays

Time: 2:50



Miss. Smith





Monthly Maths Challenge

Each month there will be a problem for the children to solve. They can bring their solutions in to show their teacher.



In Year 1 we are learning about plants.

We walked around the school and looked at the plants. We used magnifiers, clip boards and drew the plants. We looked at the leaves’ veins and edges. We looked at the colours and shapes of the flowers. We compared the plants we saw.

We drew plants and labelled the flower, stem, leaf and root.

We looked at the roots of different plants too.

Phonics Screening Test

We are very proud of our children for sitting the Phonics Screening Test for 2016. They have done very well. The results will be shared with parents shortly. A special thanks to all of the teachers who have worked tirelessly. Thank you and well done. smiley






Our topic for the summer term is countries.


We were learning about England and now we are reading books from other cultures around the world.

We read “The Tiger Child” which is set in India. We acted it out. Mrs. Patel, our teaching assistant, is from India. She brought in an Indian newspaper which is written in Guajarati. She also brought in traditional India clothes for us to try so that we could get into character.

Miss. Smith wore a traditional Indian sari. The children dressed up in Indian clothes called pyjamas.


Then on white boards, we wrote the story of The Tiger Child.

The Queen’s Birthday and St. George’s Day

To celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday we had a tea party. We made cheese and cucumber sandwiches and for dessert we had strawberries and cream.


We also made English flags using paint and tissue paper. We had our faces or hands painted with the English flag or an English rose. Miss. Smith read us a story about St. George and the dragon.

Crocus Class Assembly

Crocus Class performed the story of “Whatever Next!” for our class assembly. We all spoke clearly and smiled at our parents. We wrote sentences about the book. We sang the song of “5 Little men in a flying saucer”. Our parents came to see us. It was a huge success.

Sarah- Can I go to the moon?

Ates- He packed his teddy and some food for the journey.

Najamo- Baby bear found space boots by the mat at the back door.

Jessica- He went out into the night sky

Aiden- An aeroplane roared across the sky. We waved and some of the passengers waved back.

Leah- Baby bear went back home.

Sport Relief

We took part in Sport Relief.  First we did stretches, and then we ran around the field 4 times. We raised money for charity and we had lots of fun.


We have been learning how to play West African drums in our music lessons.  At the end of the term, we had a concert. Lots of parents came to see us. We had lots of fun.


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Maths - Measures

We used the cuisiniere rods and put them in order from longest to shortest.

The orange rod is the tallest- Najamo

The green rod is taller than the yellow rod. – Sophie

Look the white is the smallest. - Jake

I can order them from shortest to tallest. – Sarah.

Pancake Day

Science - Materials

The children went on a number and shape walk around the school.



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We went on a trip to Forty Hall in Enfield

We got a 191 bus. When we got there we looked at different toys. There was a room with old Victorian toys like china dolls and marbles. There was a room with wooden toys like X box and tablets. There was a room of wooden toys like skittles and a wooden hoop. In each room, there was a set of questions that we could answer to help us learn.

Making Puppets

Some children made finger puppets with felt and some children made sock puppets.

We used glue, sequins, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and glitter to decorate our puppets.


We acted out Cinderella. Our story had 3 ugly sisters and an evil step mother. Aiden was the clock at midnight. Ates was the horseman. Rayan was Cinderella when she was poor and Karis was Cinderella at the ball in her lovely gown. Juliano was the prince.





Happy New Year

Welcome back! I trust that you all had a nice and restful break. This is the Spring term and we have lots of fantastic things coming up. The children will be studying traditional and fairy tales. Specifically, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella. Later on, we will be studying poetry by looking at traditional nursery rhymes and the traditional book Each Peach Pear Plum. You can help your child by reading other stories with them and talking about the books that you read as a child.


In Numeracy we will be continuing our exciting work with Numicon. Year 1 will now be having regular calculation tests to check their mental arithmetic. In addition to this we will be working with money and holding shops in our classrooms. Look out for the problem of the month which your children can do too.


In Science we will continue learning about Animals and then we will move onto Everyday Materials.


In RE we will be learning about what it is like to grow up in a Muslim family. Please speak to your child about their name: what it means and why you chose it for them. It may have cultural, family or religious meaning. Explain why it is special.


In Humanities we will look at history and how toys have changed over time. We will look at why toys have changed over the years. We also have an educational trip to the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood where the children will take part in a puppet making workshop. Please supply you child with a pair of clean socks so that they can make a puppet in school too.


At home please listen to your child to read, learn their spellings and complete their homework. Their book bags also need to be signed weekly too.

Ensure that their uniform is correct and follows the school’s policy on a navy blue “Eldon” jumper or cardigan. They can wear black or grey trousers or skirt. Shoes must be black. Children are allowed to wear branded trainers but these must be FULL black. No colours on the emblems. 

We look forward to continue working with you and your children over the coming term.



School Council


Sarah and Najamo are the student council representatives for Crocus Class.


They have important meetings with Miss. Williams about the things they would like to see happening in the school.


They would like for all children to take pictures of themselves being active on the weekends with their families and friends. This could be taking the dog for a walk, doing gymnastics, swimming, ballet, gardening or judo.

Please send a photo of your family in to Miss Smith.







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As a part of our Science unit of work on Animals, we had a visit from some amazing animals.

We held a snake and learnt that they use their tongues to smell. They like to eat mice and can move quickly to kill them.  They are hunters. They are long and have no legs.

We caught a dragon fly in our hands.

We touched a frog.

We touched a centipede. We looked at the legs on the centipede.

We held a snail- they leave a slimy trail. They move very slowly because they are herbivores and only eat plants.


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Kinder Kitchen

We went to Edmonton Fire Station.


We asked the fire fighters questions and they showed us around. They showed us how they have to get dressed quickly in an emergency. One of the firemen went down the pole. It was fun to hold the hose and squirt the water. When we were finished, we all got in the fire truck and got to put on their helmet. Jake and Buse put on the fireman’s uniform: it was very heavy! We learnt that we must have our fire alarms checked often and in an emergency we should call 999. If there is a fire we have to shout loudly to our parents, and then get out of the house quickly.

I liked going to the fire station.

On the way we some other People who help us. We saw refuge collectors and post woman.

Maths - Numicon

We are very happy to be using Numicon in our school.


The shapes help me to count – Sophie

I like using the Numicon - Najamo

I can make conds to 10 using the shapes – Taslima

I can match the digit to the shape on my own - Abigail

The shapes are different colours - Sudenur

We like going to the library - Hunkar

I found a book about Mary Seacole - Adam

We have to be quiet in the library - Konrad

Miss Smith read us a book - Jessica

We walked to the library and I got my first chapter book! - Sarah

Eldon Primary School Celebration

Black History Week

During Black History week, we looked at the inspirational life and work of Nurse Seacole. Mary Seacole. She helped lots of soldiers during the Crimean War. She grew up in Jamaica and was taught how to make herbal medicines by her mum.  She saved her own money to travel to the Crimea and opened a hotel as a safe place for the soldiers.  She cleaned the hospitals and gave the soldiers food, clothes and beds to sleep in. She made a big difference to the lives of the people in Britain as well. There is a statue of her in Central London.


Year 1 dressed up as Mary Seacole in nurses’ outfits and we pretended to make our own medicines, like she did.

Later in the week we looked at how to live peaceful lives. We sorted activities into peaceful and non- peaceful activities. We made a collage of our hands to show we would all prefer to live in a peaceful world where everyone gets along.