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Victorian Britain


Victorian Day

On Wednesday 25th January, Year 6 went back in time to the Victorian era. We dressed up in simple costumes and welcomed the Rainbow Theatre Company actors who helped us understand, what life was like for Victorian children.


When we arrived at school, we found our tables had been put into rows and our first task was to copy out letters of the alphabet and sentences.


‘Children should be seen and not heard’


We were not allowed to talk as we completed our tasks.


Later, the actors collected us and we were poor Victorian children – we were scared and had to look at the floor.


The actors helped us to prepare scenes to show the other children what life was like for: school children, factory worker (who were children), chimneys sweeps, children who worked down in the mines and Toshers who looked for valuables in the sewers.


The actors, acted with us and gave us more information about the life of the children of this time.


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