Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Understanding the World

Understanding the World

We like to look at and talk about photos of those who are special to us, such as family members, brothers and sisters, friends and pets

We like to listen to stories about children and families

We like to explore things to see what we can do with them: We might shake them, hit things with them, look at them, touch them, put them in our mouths or pull them to find out what happens

We put things together that belong together, such as a lid on the teapot or a lid on a box

We learn that when you press the button on the remote control the television comes on or the button on the car key the car makes a noise and a light comes on

We press buttons on toys to make a noise or get something to pop up



When children are at home:

Share stories with children that are about other children and families

Encourage children to talk about or show photos of people who are important to them

Encourage children to splash in puddles when they are wearing boots

Encourage children to climb up a little hill and run down it

Encourage children to mix water and mud together to make “mud pies”

Encourage children to use cameras to take pictures of things