Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Terrific Twos, Rising Threes and Nursery

Limes Nursey


We have been very interested in The Very Hungry Caterpillar book and enjoy reading it independently in the environment.


We have been creating our own caterpillars using circles!


We have been making our own Hungry Caterpillar booklets


We have been sorting different fruits and vegetables.


We have been making our own fruits and vegetables using paint and sponges.



Oaks Nursery


We received some caterpillars and watched them grow.


We watched the caterpillars make cocoons!


We watched our caterpillars turn into butterflies!


We have been watching our butterflies very carefully.


We have been creating butterflies in the environment using resources.


We are learning to share our toys and resources in Oaks.


We have been blowing bubbles in the water tray and talking about what happens in our home language.


We have been constructing with different building materials to make car tracks.


We have been feeding our dinosaurs and looking at books with information about them.


We have been looking at our nursery books and talking about the pictures.


We have been making our our music on the class keyboard.


We have been playing with food during role play and talking about different dishes.


We have been talking about mixing colours and painting our ideas.


We have been typing on our keyboards. We are interested in the letters in our classroom.


We have been using junk modelling to make vehicles.


We have been using our pens to mark-make. We are learning how to hold a pen and pencil correctly.



Willows Nursery


We have been mixing different colours and seeing what happens.


We have been mixing paint and learning about the different colours of the rainbow


We have been using different resources, like flowers to paint!


We have been using sponges to create paintings and mix colours


We have been working with our adults to free paint and talk about what happens when we mix colours


We have been bathing the babies in the outside area to keep them clean.


We have been hunting for sounds in the sand. My name begins with this sound.


We have been playing in the outside sand tray working on our gross motor skills.


We have been playing with different textures in the outside small world tray.


We have been reading books in the outside area with our special adults.


We have been working together to play hoop games in the outside area.


We have been writing numbers in the outside area. I am writing 1,2,3.


We love the mud kitchen. We can play with water, soil and sticks.


An example of how older Nursery pupils are supporting their younger Terrific2s peers develop their learning

Able Gifted and Talented Club in Nursery

Mark Making



"I am drawing me. Look, I have 2 eyes and this is a nose". This little girl is ascribing meaning to the marks she makes. She holds her pencil correctly.










This little boy is developing his gross motor muscles by using chunky felts to draw lines and circles using big gross motor movements!










This little girl is holding her pen with a whole hand grasp. She is being supported by her key worker to hold her pen between her thumb and forefinger.








This boy is drawing a picture of his mummy using chunky chalk in the outdoor play area.







Nursery Christmas Party