Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Terrific Twos and Rising Threes

Terrific Twos

In Terrific twos the staff are:

Lead Practioner - Miss Elbasi

Miss Tez

Miss Visjana

Miss Taylor


In Terrific Two’s we enjoy learning and playing together. We follow the Early Years curriculum. Each half term we have a ‘theme’ in which the learning is focused around:




Autumn 1 – Nursery Rhymes

Autumn 2 – Once Upon a Time

Spring 1 – Amazing Animals

Spring 2 – Wonderful World

Summer 1 – Growing

Summer 2 – Water Water Water



Welcome back to all our children and families who attended Eldon previously and a warm welcome to those joining us this term.  It is so lovely to see you all back after the summer break. 

Our focus will be Nursery Rhymes. We will focus on rhymes like Incey Wincey Spider, Twinkle twinkle little star and Humpty Dumpty while we settle into our new routine and environment.

Summer 1

In Willows we have enjoyed this term so much. 

We've been listening to Jack and the Beanstalk, Farmer Duck and Oliver's Vegetables.

The children have enjoyed engaging in a variety of activities linked to the stories; we even grew our own beanstalks and cress. The children enjoyed watching how fast their beanstalks grew, they looked after them so well.

We also had a look at different vegetables from Oliver's Vegetables and the children loved experimenting with textures, smell and taste. ​

We had a visit from the local fire station which they enjoyed so much- they all want to be firefighters when they are older!​

Next term our theme is 'Water, Water, Water', which we are all excited about. We will be also looking into Health and Self-Care. 

Spring 2

We’ve had a great start to the spring term, we have been learning about people who help us. We enjoyed being dentists, doctors, police workers and firefighters.
We had some special occasions throughout the term such as; pancake day, world book day and comic relief which we made pancakes, dressed up as Superhero’s and book characters. In the last week we will celebrate Easter and make some chocolate nests, Easter baskets and go on an egg hunt!
Next term we will be learning about planting, growing and how to take care of our plants. We look forward to growing our own cress, planting our own fruits and vegetables in our garden.

Have a lovely break everyone!”

Spring 1


The theme this term in Willows is “Elmer the Elephant”.

We have been reading the book “Elmer” with the children and doing activities based on the story.

The children have been taking part in lots of creative activities in making their colourful elephants such as; using coloured tissue paper, multi coloured rice coloured pom-poms.The children even made elephants using coloured play dough.

We have been teaching the children that everyone is unique and there’s no point trying to disguise your true self. Always be yourself, especially if you are a multi-coloured elephant.

Autumn 2


Over the last few weeks we have been reading and becoming familiar with a range of Traditional Tales including The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The Three Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man. We have created our own bridges using different resources, made masks to use to re-tell the story, created the 3 little pig’s houses using straw and sticks, and used a range of musical instruments to re-create parts of the stories. We have also been exploring size and using words like big and small. More recently when reading The Gingerbread Man we enjoyed making our own gingerbread men and decorated these.

Phase 1 of letters and sounds - sound discrimination using instruments,

Some children are getting ready to move over to nursery so have been visiting for short periods to become familiar with the teachers and environment. 

Our children have also been getting very creative ready for the festive holidays.

Autumn 1

We have made a great start in Willows Nursery. They have all done fantastic and settled in very well and have got to know routines quickly.

We have been focusing on Nursery rhymes this term and the children have enjoyed joining in with the rhymes and actions. We have shown interest in looking at the changes of seasons from Summer to Autumn and collecting the leaves and making pictures.