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British Astronaut Talks From Space with Students and Teachers Back Home

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 46 Flight Engineer Tim Peake of the European Space Agency discussed his life and research aboard the orbital laboratory with British students and teachers gathered in Liverpool, England during an in-flight educational event Feb. 2.

Rocket Project





Blast Off Live




Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain present live coverage celebrating British astronaut Tim Peake's space mission as he blasts off to become the first Briton to serve on the International Space Station. They are joined at the Science Museum in London by astronauts including Chris Hadfield, the former commander of the ISS, alongside thousands of people who are there to cheer Tim on. Meanwhile, in sub-zero temperatures in Kazakhstan, Dallas Campbell reports live from the Soyuz rocket launch site.

Eldon Primary School joined hundreds of other schools in England and took part in a once in a lifetime opportunity and watched Tim Peake and his colleagues being launched in the International Space Station. We all felt very proud to be British today.

Science - Yearly Overview

Year Group

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


NC-Animals Including Humans


Snap Science-Using Our Senses

NC- Animals Including Humans


Snap Science-Looking at Animals


NC- Everyday Materials


Snap Science- Everyday Materials






Snap Science-Plant Detectives

Year 1 Snap Science

-Our Changing World-Plants

-Our Changing World-Sensing Seasons


NC-Plants/Seasonal Changes


NC-Living Things and Their Habitats


Snap Science-What is in Your Habitat?


NC-Uses of Everyday Materials


Snap Science-Shaping Up

NC-Animals Including Humans


Snap Science-Take Care/ Growing Up

NC-Uses of Everyday Materials


Snap Science-Good Choices

NC-Living Things and Their Habitats


Snap Science-The Apprentice Gardener



Year 2 Snap Science-Our Changing World


NC- Living Things and Their Habitats/Plants




Snap Science-Can You See Me?



NC-Forces and Magnets


Snap Science-The Power of Forces



NC-Animals Including Humans


Snap Science-Amazing Bodies





Snap Science-Rock Detectives



Snap Science-How Does Your Garden Grow?

Year 3 Snap Science-Our Changing World


NC- Plants






Snap Science-Good Vibrations



Snap Science-Switched On

NC-States of Matter


Snap Science-In a State



NC-Animals Including Humans


Snap Science-Where Does all that Food Go?

NC- Animals Including Humans


Snap Science-Human Impact


Year 4 Snap Science-Our Changing World - Who Am I?


NC- Living things and their habitats        



NC-Properties and Changes of Materials


Snap Science-Get Sorted



NC- Properties and Changes of Materials


Snap Science-Marvellous Mixtures


All Change



Snap Science-Feel the Force

NC-Earth and Space


Snap Science-Earth and Beyond

NC-Animals Including Humans


Snap Science-Reproduction in Plants and Animals

Year 5 Snap Science-Our Changing World - Circle of Life


NC- Living things and their habitats




Snap Science-Danger! Low Voltage



Snap Science-Light Up Your World



NC-Animals Including Humans

Snap Science-Body Health, Body Pump,

NC-Living Things

and their Habitats

Snap Science-The Nature Library


NC-Evolution and Inheritance

Snap Science-Everything Changes



Year 6 Snap Science- Our Changing World


NC- Animals Including Humans