Eldon Primary School

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Welcome Back

In EYFS we are off to a busy start with all the children in Reception starting school at the same time and staying for the whole day! We did have a few tears which is expected but generally speaking all children are settling well and enjoying various activities.

Spring 2 newsletter


During P.E this term we have been experimenting with different ways of moving and learning about balances. We can now perform a ‘boat balance’ and a ‘bridge balance’ and understand how to hold a balance for 3 seconds.

Maths - One more/one less

Our Maths learning over the last 2 weeks in Reception we have been focussing on finding 1 more and one less. We had fun using smarties and cubes to count and add 1 more or 1 less of amounts up to 5 and then 10. We also used small number lines and great big number lines to look at how we can find 1 more and 1 less with numbers!

Orange Class

In Maths this week we have learning about ‘one more’. We have been threading beads onto laces, counting how many we have and then adding one more! We had lots of fun making necklaces!



In Orange Class we have been writing letters to Blue Penguin! We practice using our phonics sounds to write words and some sentences.

Spring 1

We have been enjoying looking at books in our igloo reading area! We like to sit together and talk about the pictures in the books and create our own stories!

Autumn 2 Newsletter


Matching the correct number to the number of objects

The children have been counting objects and matching it to the correct numeral. They each had numbered Christmas Puddings and were counting the correct amount of cubes onto the pudding. The children used number lines to find numbers to help them.


This week in Green Class we had some children from Year 5 come and read to us as part of our DEAR programme. The children chose books that they thought would be age appropriate and read in small groups. Green class enjoyed listening to the stories and it was a very interactive story session.

Positional Language

Green Class have been learning about positional language. We read the story ‘Rosies Walk.’ We then placed the characters in different positions and used the correct positional language to describe their location.

The Gingerbread Man

In Reception we have been reading the story of the Gingerbread Man. We made a list of all the ingredients that we needed and then we had to measure the right amount of ingredients using a scale. We learned that a scale has numbers that tell us how much everything weighs.


We had a Phonics morning when all our parents were invited in to see how we learn Phonics and joined in with some of our Phonic activities. We had lots of fun showing our parents how much we know and how to play some of the phonic games. We also taught them how to say some of the letters sounds we are learning.

The Three Little Pigs

This week in Reception we have reading the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have been building houses.

Bilal has built a house of bricks, he has thought about how to make it a strong house.

Making a Bear Cave

Some of the children in Yellow Class wanted to make a cave for bears.

We used material to make the cave. The children acted out a story about a big bad bear that they made up!

Green Class

The children in Green Class have been working really hard to recognise and write numbers. We have been using the number line to find a number if we are not sure. Have a look at some of our number work.

Green Class

The children in Green Class have been reading the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. They have been using props to re enact the story. The children used different voices to play the role of the bears.


Green Class

The children in Green Class have been learning about the festival of Diwali. The children used masks to act out the story and play the role of the different characters. They were able to use language from the story and talk about the festival of Diwali.

Yellow Class

In Yellow Class we have been creating firework pictures, by dipping a marble into paint and rolling on the paper. We sprinkled glitter over the wet paint to make it sparkly.

Blue Class

In Blue class this week, we have been learning to match numbers to quantity. We counted out different amount of objects and used the number line to help us find the number to match this amount. It was our very first time using a number line and when we were counting we had to make sure we were pointing to the number we were saying!|

Orange Class

We made porridge and talked about the story of ‘Goldilocks and three little bears’. The children joined in with the repeated refrains- “this porridge is just right!”

We had lots of fun tasting the porridge and trying different toppings!

Blue Class

In Blue Class were are showing off our cutting skills with children making their own pictures to take home to show their grown-ups. We are also making new friends to in our new classroom.

Green Class

The children in Green Class have been working together to create models using the lego.

The children were experimenting with paint. They used the paint brush to spread the paint and make their very own picture.

Orange Class

The children in orange class have enjoyed role-playing in the kitchen, talking about what they are making and sharing it with their friends.

Orange class have been helping their toy animals feel better in their very own Vet!

Yellow Class

These children in Yellow Class are developing their social skills, and building relationships by playing together.

Outside the children in Yellow Class work co-operatively to build a track.