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EYFS Best Bits

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Miss Jones and Miss Ven performed a special transition assembly, which was all about our favourite moments of Reception and looking forward to Year 1. We even had some tips from Year 1 children on how to do well, and behaviour for learning. Children stood up and spoke about Reception and their teachers, to the whole year group! Well done everyone and good luck in Year 1.

Best thing about Year 1

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Tips for Reception

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Our best moments in Reception

We have been asking the children about their favourite moments in Reception, and this is what they said.


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Our Teachers

As the school year is coming to a close, the children and teachers have started to say goodbye. We asked the children what they like about their current teachers – here is what they said.


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Teddy Bears Picnic

As part of our transition to Year 1, we had a teddy bears picnic, with our families and our old and new teachers. The new Year 1 teachers came to meet us and our families, and share some yummy picnic food. There were sandwiches, cakes, ice-cream and fruits and we all took a teddy bear – even the teachers! We are all very excited to start Year 1.

Willows Farm

This week all five Reception classes took a trip to Willows Farm. We went on a big coach, and sang songs on the way. When we got there, we fed some goats, horses and guinea pigs. We petted sheep, rabbits and ponies and saw pigs and piglets, sheep dogs and ducks. We even took a tractor ride, which was very bumpy and splashy! The farmer was kind enough to let us go around twice. There was an adventure playground with a giant inflatable slide, plus games and even a Peter Rabbit stage show. We had so much fun!

Red Class Assembly

Red class made all their parents proud when they performed their class assembly on the seasons. They all spoke and sang beautifully. They put different coloured leaves onto a tree, and sang a song for each season including a Christmas song for winter. Well done Red Class!

Supporting our teams in the Euros

Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration

This week we had a huge birthday party to celebrate the Queen turning 90. All the classes from Nursery to Year 6 came together for dancing, food and there was even a fire breather!

See all the photos and videos from the day in our Gallery.

Green Class

Green class performed their assembly all about being healthy. Are these foods healthy for us to eat? The children showed the audience ways of keeping healthy. They did some exercise, including Zumba dancing which was really fun. Well done Green class!




This week the children have been writing about Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. The children have been using Reading Eggs to help them practise their reading. In Green class we are budding mathematicians and are currently solving addition number sentences.





Orange Class Assembly

Orange class also performed their assembly this week, with lots of parents and carers and family members coming in to watch us. It was all about the different countries that we come from; the languages, flags and facts about the countries. We even wore some of our special outfits. We sang the World in Union, and we got a big round of applause from the audience! Well done Orange class!


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Blue Class Assembly

Reception are performing their assemblies this term, with Blue class doing theirs first. They taught us all about e-safety, through our character Mr Zip-it, who helps us stay safe online. There was a song about e-safety, and they even acted out the story of Chicken Clicking – the chicken that was tricked by a wolf on the internet! Well done Blue Class for a wonderful assembly.


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Outdoor Learning

We have a wonderful outdoor learning environment, where the children explore their interests and  learn through play.



Spring 1


We have been using our phonics knowledge to read words in our outdoor area.





We counted fish into a bowl and found the number the match the amount of fish we had in our bowls. The children have also been making estimations and are trying to guess how many bears are in the jar.





The children are reading Peter Pan this week and are writing a message in a bottle just like Pirates did when they were at sea.




This boy has been showing different ways he can get across the hill. He starts off with rolling then hop, skip and jump.









Mud Kitchen

This term Reception children have been working collaboratively to create their new mud kitchen in the outside woodlands area. Mrs Browne and the children have collected old pots and pans from home and have used crunchy leaves mixed with squelchy mud to make their mud pies!


“This is gooey!”

“We are mixing up the mud and leaves.”

“I think I’ve found some wiggly worms and bones to go into my mud soup!”

“My mummy has got a big pot like this, we cook fufu in it, and it’s made from cassava!”


Curriculum Links

PSED: Making Relationships, Self Confidence and Awareness

Pupils can play in a group, extending and elaborating play ideas and develop role play ideas with other peers.

Pupils confidently talk to others when playing and will communicate freely about own home and community.



Healthy Lifestyles


In Reception we have been doing lots of learning about how to eat healthily and have a healthy lifestyle.  In December we were lucky enough to have a visit from dietician Jo Travers. She spoke to us about foods which are everyday foods and foods which we should only have sometimes. We looked at the digestive system, made a healthy plate and did some taste and texture testing.
We are looking forwards to learning more about being healthy next term.


We had our Christmas celebrations this week, with a very special visitor bringing  gifts for each class. We all sang Christmas songs together and had a party in our classrooms with food, music and games.




Autumn 1


Blue Class


       Mark making                                                Our first painting


Small group of children in the role play area


Green Class


In Green Class we have been busy building

towers with different objects. We have been

working together as a team!


Orange Class



                Making a birthday cake                                             Going shopping



  Listening to the sound of the sea in the shell             Building a train track for Peppa Pig


Red Class



Reading books and talking about the pictures      Experimenting with how to make loud and

                                                                               quiet sounds


Using tweezers to pick up pom poms and 

match them to the correct colour               


Yellow Class



   Working together to make a pirate ship          Realising we could make different size

                                                                          bubbles whilst washing our hands. "We

                                                                          can make it even bigger if we put more soap




Using scissors effectively to cut out the              Making different shapes using play dough

picture he had drawn