Eldon Primary School

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Reading Morning

On Monday 26th September 2016 Years 3 and 5 had a reading morning. We invited the parents in to attend a short workshop on our expectations of the reading records and to give some tips on how to support our children at home. After, they were able to spend time with their children reading their favourite books and have a go at filling in their reading records. Year 3 and 5 children also buddied up and helped each other with their reading while enjoying some milk and cookies. It was a positive and enjoyable morning. Both the Year 3 and 5 teams would like to thank all those parents which attended - your comments were very useful and we have definitely taken them all on board.


Comments from parents:

The sheet really helped me a lot, it's exactly what I wanted 

It was good to see my child and their teacher reading. 

I've got some good ideas on reading with my child. 

I liked reading with my daughter.

It was very useful, now I know what to ask my child.

It was good to see the children enjoying reading.

I've learnt how to make useful comments.

It was nice and very enjoyable.

I'd like the prompt sheet translated in my own language (Turkish)


Comments from children:

Reading with other year groups was fun.

Year 3 understood their reading books and answered questions beautifully.

It was a great opportunity to read with Year 3 and 5 to know how much they read at home.

Reading with other children was a great experience.

It was great to read with someone I don't know.

When we were reading with the children and they struggled, we could help them by discussing what the book was about