Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success


PSED - Personal, Social and Emotional Development

PSED in Reception is about learning how to be a good friend, learning about our feelings and the feelings of others. We build up our self esteem and confidence, learning how to play nicely together and take turns, listen to our friends and work together. We learn about behaviour and are confident when our routine changes and understand how to follow the rules.

Spring 2

Problem Solving

In orange class, we approach any problems we might have by talking about them and using problem solving cards. We refer to cards that shows us what to do when someone is being unkind to them. We could say “stop, that makes me sad” or we could walk away and find someone else to play with.

Show and Tell

In Orange class, we have started ‘Show and tell’ sessions, where we share any work we have done at home or at school. The children are encouraged to describe themselves in positive terms and talk about their achievements.

Working together

We work together in Reception, helping each other in the construction area. We take turns to put blocks onto our tower.

Castle building

Orange class have been developing their personal and social skills, working together to make a castle from blocks.

Circle time

We having been playing circle-time games to promote self-confidence and self-awareness. We roll the dice to our peers, say their name and one thing we like about them. Then we say one thing we like about ourselves, focusing on our strengths. Afterwards we feel very positive about ourselves and appreciated by everyone in class!

Problem Solving

For PSED this week, Orange class have been learning about problem-solving. We discussed different scenarios that occur in class and role-played how we would deal with the problem. Orange class are encouraged to use special problem-solving cards as prompts to negotiate and solve problems independently.