Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success



In Terrific Twos and Rising Threes:

We play next to other children

We play by ourselves or with other children but when we feel tired, worried or upset we can find a grown up that we know

We play turn taking games, like rolling a ball back and forth, with adults

We go and play with new toys by ourselves but like to find a grown up that we know when we need them

We begin to use our toys to pretend they are something else, such as pretending a teddy is a baby

We try to do things for ourselves, such as putting shoes on, and will say “no” if adults try to help us

We express worry if we hear someone we know crying or express happiness and excitement if we hear a grown up that we know

Sometimes we will get cross when we want to do things for ourselves and we can’t

Sometimes, when adults tell me what to do, rather than “no” we are able to do it

We know which toys are ours, which toys are our friends and that sometimes we have to share toys with our friends


When children are at home:

Play copying games with children, like using the same metal spoon as you have to make the same noise as you

Share photos or videos of children doing things and talk with them about what they are doing

Use dolls or teddies to show children how to pretend to look after a baby or use cars to show children how to pretend to go on a journey

Talk to children about the things you use and what you are doing with them

Let children help you to share out food onto plates, so that everyone has something to eat