Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success


PSED - Personal, Social and Emotional Development

PSED in Reception is about learning how to be a good friend, learning about our feelings and the feelings of others. We build up our self esteem and confidence, learning how to play nicely together and take turns, listen to our friends and work together. We learn about behaviour and are confident when our routine changes and understand how to follow the rules.




Working as a team

It’s very important in reception that we learn how to work together, so that as we get older we know how to compromise, negotiate and solve problems as a team. These are some of the activities that the children have been accessing independently, to develop their skills in communication and team work.




Worry Monsters

Worry Monsters have been sent to Eldon Primary School, to support the children to talk about their worries. They are very friendly, kind monsters, who help us feel calmer and less afraid. All we have to do is write our worries down on paper and feed them to the monsters. Once our worries have been eaten, the paper disappears - along with our difficult feelings.