Eldon Primary School

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Physical Development

Physical Development


In Reception we are exploring the gymnastics apparatus that we have available in the hall. We have been balancing, climbing and jumping, and moving under, over and through the equipment. We know how to use this safely, and how exercise affects our bodies. Lots of children are very confident and like to try balancing on different parts of their bodies.

Jumping onto the mat using our squishy landing
Jumping and landing safely
An excellent squishy landing
Balancing on the table top
Jumping over and across the beam
Trying different ways of travelling
Pulling ourselves up the bench
Sliding along the bench
Walking carefull along the bird percher
We can use our whole bodies





Sports day was great success - this is our sack race


We have been practising skipping


Playing bat and ball


Throwing and catching in pairs


In PE we have been practising moving with better balance and control.


Here Ali is slithering like a snake during our jungle book dance.


During our gymnastics topic we explored ways of moving on the apparatus.


We enjoy exploring the environment on bikes.






Outside, we practice developing our bilateral skills and gross motor muscles in our upper bodies. This helps our bodies become stronger so that our fine motor muscles can develop and support us with our handwriting skills.

This child is learning how to swing from one bar to the next whilst holding herself up using her core body strength.


“Look Miss Alkan, I can do it!”


Curriculum Links

PD: Moving and Handling

Children show good control and coordination in large and small movements. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space.


Characteristics of Effective Learning


Active Learning:

- Being involved and learning.

- Keep on trying.

- Enjoying achieving what they set out to do.




Road Safety




This term, one class has been learning about road safety. The children are using the road signs to control the bicycle and pedestrian traffic in their play area.


Curriculum Links

Characteristics of Effective Learning


Active Learning:

- Being involved and learning.

- Enjoying achieving what they set out to do.


Creating and thinking critically:

- Making links.

- Having their own ideas


Playing and exploring:

- Playing with what they know.