Eldon Primary School

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Physical Development

Physical Development

In Terrific Twos and Rising Threes:

• We walk upstairs with help from adults

• We come downstairs backwards on our knees, holding on to the steps and come down one step at a time

• We learn that when we move a chunky crayon or pen round, up and down and across, the marks we make on the paper look the same as the way we move our hands

We talk about what we like and don’t like to eat and drink

We try new things to eat

We hold lidded cups in both hands and try not spill too much drink as we put the cups to our mouths

We talk about when we need our nappies or pants changed

We talk about when we need to sit on the potty or go to the toilet


When children are at home:

Give them a little bag to carry something in when you go shopping

Give children a bucket to put interesting things in when they are digging in mud

Give children rolling pins and cutters and opportunities to play with dough

Encourage children to wash their hands and face by themselves

Encourage children to put shoes on by themselves

We are learning to balance and control our movements
We are learning to control our fine motor skills with small world toys
We are developing our muscles through climbing, sliding and jumping
We are learning to be independent during snack time
We have been mixing and trying new types of food
We are experimenting with brushes and looking at the marks we make
We have been mixing and trying new types of food
We have been using different tools in the sand area
We are learning to use new tools like glue sticks
We enjoy rolling hoops down the hill
We have been learning to use our muscles to glue materials onto our masks
We have been using different tools to cut fruit to strengthen our muscles
We play with different types of materials and textures
We use lots of different tools like paint brushes
We worked with our special adults to scoop out the pumpkin