Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success



This term in Year 4, children are learning about cricket as one of their units of work. Children will be able to:

·          Use a range of skills, e.g. throwing, striking, intercepting and stopping a ball, with some control and accuracy;

·          choose and vary skills and tactics to suit the situation in a game; carry out tactics successfully;

·          set up small games;

·          know rules and use them fairly to keep games going;

·          explain what they need to do to get ready to play games;

·          carry out warm ups with care and an awareness of what is happening to their bodies;

·          describe what they and others do that is successful; suggest what needs practising.


This term as part of our invasion games unit, children will be learning about Hockey.

So far they have been practising their techniques to:

To hold the stick:

Left hand at the top

Right hand in the middle of the stick

Dribbling technique

Ball in front of the body and slightly outside the right foot

Stick on the ground at all times

Head up


Cushion ball with flat side of the stick

Turn stick with left hand

Right hand grips the middle of the stick

When the stick is turning it should slide through the right hand

Autumn 2

This term as part of our games unit, children will be learning and developing their skills in the beautiful game of football.

As well as developing their skills, which includes passing, dribbling and controlling the ball, they will also be learning about their muscles and the affects of the sport on their body.



Stretching and curling is the gymnastic topic for this term

Our children experimented with different ways of travelling, curving pathways, rolls, stretches, jumps and balances.

Our children planned and demonstrated a sequence with creativity, composure and control.


In addition to gymnastics, children also benefitted from a games PE session. This term the children were focused on basketball which focused on the fundamental movement skills, passing, shooting, special awareness and tactics. They also looked at the importance of warming up and cooling down.