Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success

Nurture Group - Junior Site

Key stage 2 Nurture Group room is located in the rear studio of Eldon Junior School. The Nurture Room caters for children with social, emotional and behavioural challenges by offering a warm, comfortable environment in which they can learn at their own pace and where they are celebrated and praised for their efforts.


A relaxed and calm environment; pupils feel at ease, can express themselves and anchor a state of calmness and happiness through interactions and activities throughout the Nurture Group sessions. Children from all year groups in the junior school attend the Nurture Group and staff/ parents have complimented the progress made since the beginning of the Nurture Group in September 2013.


This intervention is setup in the hope that the children attending will learn and acquire skills to boost their self-esteem and communication and transfer this back to the mainstream classroom setting.


There are a maximum of ten pupils in the Nurture Room at one time. Each child is catered for through specific activities, structured routines, skills and games that adhere to their specific needs. This empowers the child, and allows each pupil to access the learning material at their own pace.




Our nurture group children are settling into new routines with Mrs Sadler and Mrs Carpenter. They spend the morning in nurture and return to their classes for the afternoon lessons. We share breakfast together and talk about matters of importance to the children and pay particular attention to the things which are going well. We have used the story of Little Red Riding Hood to help the children to write descriptively and learn how to use speech marks. They are very proud of the puppets they made and the stories they have written. We are now finishing off new stories where we have introduced new characters into the Red Riding Hood Story.

In Maths we have practised making 3 and 4 digit numbers, and sequencing them. We used maths equipment to help us understand the value of the numbers. We are all getting better at adding, subtracting and multiplying. It was great fun when we made a shop to work out change and find the correct money to pay.