Eldon Primary School

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Summer Celebration

Dear Parents/Carers,


On Friday 30th June 2017, the student council are organising a ‘Summer Celebration.’ All children are to come dressed in their summer clothes and donate £1 to the student council.


This day is being held not only to raise awareness about the importance of keeping safe in the sun, but to raise money for the student council to assist in buying iPads for the school.


Children are to wear appropriate summer clothes, sunhats and glasses that will be suitable when they go outside for play. They must have sensible shoes on that adheres to the school uniform policy. Remember to put sun cream on!


It is important to wear sun cream daily, especially on warmer days. This is because the sun radiates light to the earth, and part of that light consists of invisible UV rays. When these rays reach the skin, they cause tanning, burning, and other skin damage.


The student council are looking forward to the ‘Summer Celebration Day’ and hope to encourage and remind everyone about the importance of wearing suntan cream.


Thank you for your support in advance.


Yours Sincerely,

Samantha Williams

Associate Headteacher