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School Trips to London

Dear Parents and Carers


I am writing to update you about our plans for taking school trips to Central London.  You will remember that we temporarily stopped taking trips into London following the Paris bombings and we kept this decision in place after the terrible events in Brussels.


I have recently discussed with my senior staff and agreed that we should resume some trips to London as follows:


  • During this summer term the school will pay for one coach trip for each year group if the place of the visit is in Central London.
  • Further school trips into Central London will need to take place by public transport as the school does not have the funds to cover coaches for all trips
  • If a trip goes into Central London by public transport then we will send you the details of the route that is planned. If you are anxious about security in London and you do not wish your child to go on that trip then we will provide an alternative exciting learning opportunity back at school for those children who do not go
  • As a school we have a responsibility to keep our children as safe as we can and we believe that the above arrangements work towards this. We still regard London as a wonderful place, full of learning opportunities but at the same time, we respect parents’ concerns over London security


We will continue with local trips around the Edmonton and Hertfordshire areas and these will provide rich experiences for your children.  We expect all children to attend these trips.


I intend to keep the arrangements regarding school trips under regular review and will update you if there are any further changes.


Yours sincerely

Ms Julie Messer