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Safer Internet Day 2015

On Tuesday 10th February 2015, millions across the UK and globally will be celebrating Safer Internet Day. Young people are joining together to declare that creating a better internet is #Up2Us!


On the whole the internet is a really positive place, but there are still too many young people who have negative experiences like being targeted with mean comments. This Safer Internet Day young people are coming together to explore how we can change things.

Over 150 young people in schools across the UK have been sharing what they will do on Safer Internet Day to help make the internet a kinder place. Check out the Computing page for more information about Safer Internet Day and how you can get invovled!


London E-Safety Survey

As part of Internet Safety Day the school is participating in a survey being carried out by The National Foundation for Education Research, on behalf of the London Grid for Learning. The survey aims to gather children’s views related to the Internet and e-safety.


Participation in this survey is voluntary – children can choose not to take part if they do not want to.


What will the information gathered from the survey be used for?

Findings will be used to inform policy development and to improve understanding of the ways in which young people in our schools access and use the Internet at home and at school.

This survey is confidential and anonymous.

Your child will not be asked to give their name at any stage in the online survey. However, there are two reasons why a respondent’s answers may not stay private:

1. If someone (i.e. a learning support assistant) has helped the respondent to answer any questions, they may know what has been said.

2. If a completed survey contains information to indicate that someone is worried about their safety, London Grid for Learning will need to let the school know, so we can investigate further and take actions as necessary.


Children can take part in the survey here.