Eldon Primary School

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Reminder about Attendance

Re: School Attendance


Dear Parent/Carer,


The Government expects all children to have an attendance rate in excess of 95%. I have been looking at the attendance figures for Eldon Primary School and too many children’s attendance has been below this figure. This is not acceptable. I will be regularly monitoring children with unauthorised persistent absence and expect to see a great improvement in their attendance this year. If children are not at school they are missing out on vital learning time and we want all our children to achieve the very best that they can.


I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our expectations for attendance:

  • Parents are required to telephone the school office, on the first day of absence, to explain the reason why their child is not in school. Only school can authorise the absence and we may ask for evidence i.e. doctor’s note or appointment card/letter. We do not authorise children’s absence for parental appointments or illness.
  • School does not authorise leave of absence during term time, unless under exceptional circumstances and evidence from a doctor/hospital or registrar will be required to support the request. School term dates are available on Eldon Primary School website. If your child is taken out of school during term time without permission, your child’s school place may be terminated and you will have to re-apply for another school place on your return.
  • If your child has repeated unauthorised absences you will be asked to come into school and discuss this issue. If the situation does not improve, school will refer to the Local Authority and this could result in a Fixed Penalty Fine being issued to you.
  • Please arrive at school promptly, arrival after the registers have closed are marked as an unauthorised absence. School times are: 8.55am – 3.15pm Infant site and 8.50am – 3.20pm Junior site.


I thank you in advance for supporting both us and your child with their education and we look forward to celebrating their achievements!


Yours sincerely,

Jane Flynn