Eldon Primary School

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Religious Celebrations around the World

At Eldon Primary School we embrace many different faiths and religions.  Our curriculum is broad and the religious education curriculum follows the Enfield SACRE recommendations which have been supported by all major religious representatives.


During the year, pupils learn about major religious celebrations across the world such as Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Easter, Chanukah, Passover etc.  We often celebrate these festivals with assemblies and performances that the children take part in.  The assemblies and performances tell the story of the religious festival.  Children do not worship or pray in these performances and are not expected to do so.  Instead the assemblies and performances reflect the reason behind the religious festival and contain traditional songs and music.


We believe that it is important to respect all faiths and our Eldon community members (children, staff, parents, carers) are all expected to show tolerance and respect to one another.