Eldon Primary School

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Pyjama Day

Dear Parents/Carers,


On Friday 31st March 2017, the student council are organising a ‘Pyjama Day.’ All children are to come dressed in their pyjamas and donate £1 to the student council.


This day is being held not only to raise awareness about the importance of sleep, but to raise money for the student council to assist in providing resources for the school.


Children are to wear appropriate pyjama wear that will be both warm and dry when going outside for play. They must have sensible shoes on that adheres to the school uniform policy and wear their coats when outside.


Sleep is a necessity to our physical and mental health. Getting enough quality sleep, the right hours and the right times can contribute to our quality of life and safety. Sleep aids growth and development particularly in children and teens. Sleep improves learning as the brain is able to form new pathways when we are resting enabling us to make better decisions, problem solve and concentrate.


Children aged 5-12yrs need 10-11 hours of sleep per night. There are many strategies that can assist in getting the right amount of sleep. These include: going to bed at the same time every night; not having caffeinated drinks/high sugar drinks; have a bed time routine; making the bedroom cool, dark and quiet and exercising throughout the day.


The student council are looking forward to the Pyjama Day and hope to encourage and promote a healthy sleeping routine.


Thank you for your support in advance.


Yours Sincerely,


Samantha Williams

Associate Headteacher