Eldon Primary School

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Parking Issues

Dear Parents and Carers


I have received complaints from local residents about some parents and carers who are dropping their children off at the school entrances by car.  The complaints are:


  • Cars are parked blocking or overhanging residents’ driveways
  • Car drivers have sworn and been aggressive when asked to move the badly parked car
  • A resident’s disabled bay has been parked in illegally on several occasions


I know that the majority of our parents and carers do not do any of these things BUT a few car drivers are spoiling the good relations we have with the local community. 


Thank you to all those parents and carers who drive responsibly and who are good role models to their children.


I will, however, report to the police and the Enfield Traffic Patrols the numbers of any cars that are causing an obstruction.  I will also report drivers who act aggressively or in an insulting manner.  Please do not do so.  I have asked for additional Parking Wardens to patrol the entrances to issue fines to car drivers as appropriate. 


In future our school will publish the vehicle registration numbers of cars that we receive complaints about.  Please do not act selfishly; instead please drive and park responsibly.


Yours sincerely


Ms Julie Messer

Executive Headteacher