Eldon Primary School

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Japanese Visitors from Waseda University

On Thursday 3rd March 2016 we had Japanese visitors. They came to look around our school and see how the children learn. They had great fun joining in and supporting the children in a variety of lessons.


We received great feedback from our Japanese visitors:


“Thank you for your kind tour of Eldon Primary School today. I joined the PE class and had exercise with many children. They looked so excited and really happy to work together, including me! Thank you so much”.


Dear Eldon Primary School Thank you very much for your hospitality! I have visited Eldon Primary School twice, and I feel so happy to visit again today. It is great that all the children I met at the school smiled at me. All the students study and learn very hard in their classes. I thought it was great! I also thought the teaching staff were great too. This experience was so exciting and interesting for me. 


“I hope such an important School will be built all over the world!”


“I think tolerance and diversity is important for Eldon primary school to make children happy and grow up in humanity."


“Students in this school are eager to learn so many things. I would like Japanese students to be like this”.


“I’m happy to have had a chance to come to this school. There are lots of great teachers. They think a lot about their students. I will be a teacher in Japan and I will not forget about the school teachers I met”


“I especially like that the children voted the name for their class”


We were surprised that students were working in groups. In Japan, students almost always study individually. We were so glad to meet you all!


“Children are lively, I received their energy”


Nice teachers, nice students and very nice environment! The experience in this school will help me with my studies, research and future life. Thank you very much!