Eldon Primary School

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Christmas at Eldon Primary School 2017

Christmas tree – Monday 5th December


Post Box opens: Monday 5th December

Children will be able to send Christmas cards to anyone within our school using the school post boxes. Each year group will have its own post box which will be situated near to the classrooms. Post boxes will be emptied daily. Years to decide on emptying arrangements and choose two responsible children.


Pantomime KS1 – Friday 8th December


Christmas Concert Assemblies:

At the end of each assembly there will be a collection for Save the Children.


  • Tuesday 12th December - Year 2 - 9.15am
  • Wednesday 13th December - Year 1 - 9.15am
  • Thursday 14th December - Reception - 9.15am
  • Friday 15th December - Year 3 - 9.15am
  • Monday 18th December - Year 4 - 9.15am
  • Tuesday 19th December - Year 5 - 9.15am
  • Wednesday 20th December - Y6 - 9.15am


Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 15th December

Staff and pupils can wear a Christmas jumper and donate £1.00 to charity.


Candlelight Assemblies

  • Tuesday 19th December - EYFS - 2pm
  • Wednesday 20th December - KS1 - 11.30am


Children’s Christmas Dinner and Parties – Wednesday 20th December

KS1 (children can come into school wearing their own clothes)

KS2 (children to come into school wearing school uniform)


KS2 Carol Assembly - Thursday 21st December


Afternoon Nursery – Thursday 21st December

Parents have the option to bring their child into nursery until 2.30pm


School closes on Thursday 21st December at 2.30pm for children.


School opens to all on – Wednesday 3rd January 2018 at 8.50am