Eldon Primary School

Aspiration, Determination, Success



In Terrific Twos and Rising Threes:

• We like to share stories with adults and can find our favourite stories for adults to read to us.

• We have favourite rhymes and songs and join in with the actions and songs.

• We listen to new words and learn to use these.

• We explore what happens when we use our hands and feet.

• We know that when we move a chunky crayon or pen round, up and down and across, the marks we make on the paper look the same as the way we moved our hands.


When children are at home:

Encourage them to point to things or tell you things as you share their favourite stories with them.

Allow them to make lots of marks using chunky pencils / crayons / chalks.




Reading and Writing in Terrific Twos

Lots of children are enjoying looking at books independently and with adult support. Even though the children don’t yet know the letter sounds, we can talk together about the stories and what we see in the illustrations. This will help us develop excellent language and storytelling skills. We also enjoy looking at and playing with letters, practising drawing them, or just becoming familiar with their shapes. When we come to learn our sounds later on, we will already recognise the shapes that we see.